6/20/22  DRAFT:   I will update this post as I get more info about where to buy appliances that can be delivered and serviced in the Mohave County RURAL areas.

And of course, I’ll update with Attwoods’ response, if any, and my lawsuit. Just had to get this post up quickly as I have guests arriving next week and will have to buy a refrigerator quickly.  But also want to give Attwoods 24 hours to make things right before buying the fridge, to be included with my damages.

I was so excited when I first spoke to the people at Attwoods Appliances on 2/26/22.  I’ve been paying American Home Shield (AHS) for appliance insurance at the vacation rental I manage.

AHS lied to me repeatedly about not having a contractor who will come to Meadview.  I finally called around and found Attwoods in Kingman, an AHS approved repair company.

In March Dusty came to the house, did a great job fixing the washer and dryer, but as the fridge fan did not make that squeaky noise while he was there, he decided NOT to look at it.

Of course, the fan squeaked again and I sprayed it with oil.

Guests then told me that the microwave wasn’t working right, shut off after a minute or two when I tested it.

Paid $100 to AHS for the service call and they again claimed not to have an approved contractor.

I called Attwoods, yes they service microwaves.  Called AHS again and they outright REFUSED to assign Attwoods.

I decided to pay Attwoods the $190 they charge to drive to Meadview

Of course, Attwoods is extremely slow to schedule appointments even when you pay them the $190 to drive to Meadview, so they didn’t come out until Friday 6/3/22, after my Memorial Day rentals and I got a countertop microwave.

The fridge fan hadn’t been a problem, but I also didn’t have any guests.  The day before my Memorial Day weekend guests arrived, it made HORRIBLE scraping noises.

I had my computer with me to attend an online meeting and the fridge was so loud that I had to unplug it so I could hear the online presentation!

The day my guests were arriving at night, I spent literally hours on the kitchen floor behind the fridge with a flashlight and as I moved the wires / motor while the fan was running, I could get it to run much quieter, but not for long.  I was so worried, had even brought an appliance timer so my guests could go to sleep in peace and have the fridge turn back on after an hour or whatever they desired.

Of course, I opened another service request with AHS and fortunately, I already had the 6/3 Attwoods appointment.

Of course, AHS again lied about not having a contractor who would come to Meadview.   I had already written my small claims complaint when AHS assigned the claim to Attwoods on 6/2, but I hadn’t been in Kingman yet to file it.

On 6/3, Attwoods’ repair guy was supposed to call me when he left Kingman OR the other customer’s place in Meadview.  He did NOT call.   My guest let him in and later told me that he didn’t think the guy did anything.

I called Attwoods at 10:39 am, spoke with Dusty and hoped he’d send the guy back or that he would call him to let me know whether he diagnosed the microwave, and much more important, the fridge.

Dusty did not call the guy.  I asked why I didn’t get a call and Dusty told me that he should have called me because he gave him a note to call me.   I cried.

On 6/8 I called again, they called me back and apparently the repair guy had decided that the microwave was not repairable, but they would bring a new fan and something else for the fridge.  I got a new appointment for today.

And AGAIN, the guy didn’t call! 

I got a VM from Dusty as I was on the way to the house.  Immediately called back and some woman told me that they do NOT make calls, that I was supposed to be there, that I had repeatedly stood them up (LIAR!) and that the repair guy would NOT be at the house by the time I’d get there, literally 5 minutes later.

I saw a brown truck coming from the house and I tried to get him to stop, but he drove right by me.

I called Attwoods again, they hung up on me.

About an hour later a deputy showed up, stating that they got a complaint from Attwoods because I ran their driver off the road and he drove into a ditch.

OBVIOUSLY, another lie.   He didn’t even drive over the dirt pile at the side of the road from the grader.

Don’t these people have half a working brain? 

You can SEE when someone runs off a dirt road into a ditch!

Not to mention that any “normal” person would immediately call 911 if someone ran them off the road.  I’d take pictures and wait for the deputy.

Do I have legal recourse for Attwoods or their repair guy submitting a FALSE report to the sheriff’s office?

They should have to reimburse the sheriff’s office for the trip to Meadview.  How about $190?

So I am giving Attwoods until Tuesday, 6/21/22 at 5 pm to contact me to make things right.  If that does not happen, I will be ordering a new refrigerator tomorrow eve.

I’m literally fighting for my life, can’t live on $266 social security.  I HAVE to rent the house over July 4.   July has always been my busiest month.  And I just cannot take this abuse anymore.

I’ll be canceling AHS, maybe I’ll try Old Republic.

And I’ll sue both AHS and Attwoods for the enormous stress they inflicted on me and of course for the new fridge.

There are at least three Facebook groups with thousands of members complaining about AHS.

Why has AHS not been shut down?

People have to wait for new furnaces for MONTHS in winter and for A/C replacements for MONTHS in summer.  Unreal.

I apologize for typos / whatever, will update this post.  Just had to get it online after another 13-hour day because I have guests arriving next week, need to order a new fridge ASAP and I do want to give Attwood a day to make things right.