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Thursday 10/12/17: FREE food workshop in Meadview Unit 9


Building a Sustainable Diet

Consumer Reports is partnering with local community members around the country to hold workshops around eating a more sustainable diet.  Working with Consumer Reports experts, these workshops will include strategies and tips for making our diets more sustainable — good for us and good for the planet.

This event will be focused on the importance of eating sustainably and what we can do right away to adopt better food habits.

·        Have you always wondered what “organic” means?

·        Or how to determine what is organic?

·        Or what to do with food that seems to be past its prime?

·        Or how to find AFFORDABLE organics?

This FREE workshop is for you!

Please contact me to RSVP and for directions at 564-2642 or at

      Meadview, Unit 9

      Thursday, October 12, 2017

      2 – 4 pm

Limited seating!  Door prizes!

We’ll have at least one aloe to give away, a variety of seeds, etc.

Please also contact me if you are interested in future workshops! 

We’ll be growing, preparing and eating healthy food and I’ll be doing some workshops on medicinal plants and spices for optimum health in Meadview and possibly in Dolan Springs.  As I’ve posted before, in clinical trials many Alzheimers patients have had incredible improvements and we CAN prevent and even cure Alzheimers, cancer and many other diseases through DIET.

I’m so excited about my first tests with hydroponics without electric — no pumps or lights.  The first lettuce and basil seedlings are about an inch tall and I can’t wait to start harvesting.

Hydroponics without pumps

The new High Desert Gardening and Food Forum

The new forum hosted by the Lake Mead Community Association is finally up and running. It was a lot of work, but I’m very happy with the software and functionality.

The primary purpose of the forum is to organize gardening resources and to provide a platform for residents to connect with local gardeners.

Please contact me to list your produce and check the forum if you’re looking for local and often organically grown produce. You can subscribe to groups and forums so that you get an email notification of new posts.   The LMC peaches (no pesticides) went fast, I just picked up the last ones.

High Desert Gardening and Food Forum

Saturday 11/24/12 High Desert Gardening Club fund raiser at the Meadview Community Church

This Saturday at the Community Church in Meadview 540 W. Hualapai (follow the signs) 9 am to 2 pm. The gardening club & co-op is selling various plants, provides free literature and FREE DVDs with the incredible documentary Genetic Roulette, the Gamble of our Lives. We’ll also have a table for High Desert Permaculture withContinue ReadingContinue Reading

Dr. Mercola: buy your freerange eggs LOCALLY and don’t overcook them

Some of Mohave county’s happiest chickens: Our friend Anna in Golden Valley has not been able to keep the chickens out of her fenced veggie garden and they promptly ate the perpetual spinach plant we recently brought her.  We don’t know whether Anna likes the “spinach” (I think it’s really a chard), but the chickensContinue Reading

Fruit available at the Dolan Springs Orchard

Cloyd called today to let me know that they currently have available: 5-6 flats of figs (large brown and yellow golden) – picked last weekend beautiful grapes early apples (Fuji?) a few white peaches We’ll bring some fruit up later this week or early next week.  You can also buy directly from Cloyd Lovitt, offContinue Reading

Locally grown tomatoes

We’ve been buying locally grown tomatoes from Roger, in the 2-story house by the RV Park. He often has his sign out, currently for tomatoes: They are NOT organic as he uses chemical fertilizer, but they’re definitely a LOT better than the store bought tomatoes. You can see that they’re starting to crack from theContinue Reading