It was incredibly windy yesterday, but we’re used to the wind generator roaring and I used the extra power to do a few loads of laundry.

Apparently others didn’t do so well.

Our neighbors’ fridge actually blew off the porch!

We’ve been helping them move and I wish we had moved it to their garage before it fell.  Of course nobody expected the wind to blow over a fridge.

I got a call from Dolan yesterday and their power had been out for an hour and neighbors in Unit 7 experienced intermittent outages.  Since we’re off the grid, we didn’t have any problems.

Winds dying down, but strong gusts still expected

… The Hoover Dam bypass bridge was closed for more than an hour after a suspension cable fell across it, and U.S. Highway 95 leading to Searchlight was closed for hours because of high winds and low visibility. It wasn’t immediately clear what the cable on the bypass bridge was attached to — the structure is not a suspension bridge.Arrivals and departures at McCarran International Airport were delayed, and authorities encouraged travelers to check with their airline for flight information. …

The article also mentions a tree that fell in a house and a window being blown out.

The wind died down at night and it snowed again.  We had a couple inches on the ground, but fortunately it quickly melted as we had the gardening club meeting at our hoophouse today.

We got enough sunshine to make it too warm in the hoophouse when the sun was out for a while.   We also enjoyed a variety of lettuce we had picked in the morning and to my great surprise our Southern Giant Curled HOT mustard was a hit.