Big meeting to dissolve the MCA today at Canyon’s End

I wasn’t invited, so I wasn’t there.  I could tell something was up because my MCA related posts here have been accessed a lot over the last few weeks and word about the meeting spread at Fisherman’s Landing.

So I heard that many people showed up and that another meeting will be next Monday.  I was just starting to prepare the lawsuit against the MCA, but it looks like I can focus on the Gardening Club and the co-op instead and that’s definitely good news. So many projects!

And where do I sign the petition?

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  1. Christine. I applaud your fine efforts. Keep up the good work. I had the unfortunate experience to be at the impromptu secret meeting that day at the landing. Trust me when I tell you that they were all very worried about the youtube video. Don’t think that your web page is not scrutinized on a daily basis. It is high time that someone makes an effort to expose their underhanded methods. The chamber is no better. I remember when Helene Williams attempted to steal the garden club from you. They lured us into their trap as well. Promises made were wholly unfulfilled. Secret meetings and deception are the rule there. They think they are the “elite” and have no regard for right or wrong. Please contact me if I can be of assistance. Steve Robbins 530 0241

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