I was a few minutes late for the MCA board meeting and apparently Gladys Burk is on the board now.   The meeting was mostly about the elections, candidate requirements and procedures and I believe there are 10 members running.  The board voted to increase the number of board members from 5 to 7 and 5 vacancies will have to be filled.

The “Concerned Citizens” submitted several items to be added to the agenda but strangely, Helene submitted the request by email without identifying the members and instead referred to the anonymous “Concerned Citizens.”  Since “Concerned Citizens” isn’t an MCA member, the board decided to ignore the request. 

Apparently one of the items was to increase the number of board members to 9 and I don’t know what else they wanted on the agenda because “Concerned Citizens” is another secret society.  I did attend one of their meetings recently (an outsider invited me), but unfortunately we have no common ground as they desire to keep the idiotic restrictions, rules and procedures and more important, the EXCLUSIONARY MCA practices.

On the record, I will NEVER do business with Susan Kaufman (Lake Mead Realty) again. 

She had the nerve to tell me at the Concerned Citizens meeting that I knew what I was getting into when I purchased the MCA lot.  In fact, I did NOT receive the 1989 amended CC&Rs when I purchased my lot through Lake Mead Realty and I’m guessing that I’m not the only person who did NOT receive those MUCH MORE RESTRICTIVE CC&Rs.  I’ve discussed these restrictions with a title company attorney and he assured me that the revised 89 restrictions are valid and that I SHOULD have received them when I purchased.

Susan bragged how newcomers are so impressed by the MCA and the facilities and that the dues are only $35/year.  Of course she doesn’t tell her customers how deeply divided the Meadview “community” is and that most residents stay the hell away from Meadview and the MCA.   When people realize what really goes on in Meadview and they move away, the real estate people get PAID AGAIN!  They get you coming and going …

Back to the MCA meeting. Suzanne Newell gave an update on the potlucks and apparently the last potluck was so poorly attended that she didn’t say how many people were there.  I’ve heard previous potlucks were attended by 20some people.  And according to Tom O’Keeffe, 3,500 members (with 4,200 member lots/votes) pay for THAT.

Notably, there was NO deputy at the meeting today.  After the meeting I was talking with one of the members and as usual, NOT A SINGLE MEMBER was using the facilities.   We finally went outside and we were still talking when I heard obscenities and yelling from outside the office.  I  turned on my camcorder and it turned out that AJ was rather upset.  Jack Newell was leaving and AJ went to his truck.  He asked me whether I was recording and on the record AJ said that he resigned.

While I was packing up, AJ went back into the office and when he came back out he told me that he put his resignation in writing.  We also had an off the record conversation, but since it’s off the record, you’ll have to get the specifics from Jack, AJ or Maggie.

As the world turns …

If AJ won’t change his mind, there will be 6 new board members elected.

I don’t care one way or another as I’m not allowed to run and I’m getting ready to contact the Unit 7 owners who are either in the MCA or subject to the deed restrictions to eliminate the Unit 7 restrictions and to get a start on collecting the 420 or so signatures required to force the MCA to put its dissolution on the ballot.