11/10/12: MCA board meeting and SPECIAL informal member meeting

I can’t believe that I totally forgot about the MCA member meeting at Canyon’s End yesterday afternoon.  I took a day off on Sunday and Monday morning I was in WORK mode — had lots to do.  I didn’t think about the meeting until I got an email about it last night.

That doesn’t mean that I wasn’t working on MCA stuff and I’ve been thinking a lot about their letter with the completely FALSE accusations of me being disruptive and threatening members and the board.  In fact, I have been threatened, yelled at, told to go back to where I came from (Germany), harassed with demands for my visa or alien card by one member and the Indian lady with the long hair who regularly attends board meetings tried to slam the door in my face on the way out of the MCA building.

The best proof that the MCA board allegations are false is the video of the October board meeting.

I uploaded the video recording of the 10/13/12 board meeting to YouTube:10/13/12 MCA Board Meeting

I transferred this video from my $1,200+ digital camera to my new computer and if you can’t understand what they’re saying, that’s because of the awful acoustics in the MCA auditorium.  If I had a few extra hours I could probably figure out how to get rid of the echo, but I’m too busy.  I could also prepare a transcript, but again, unlike most residents, we are NOT retired and we have things to do. If you have time to prepare a transcript, I’ll be glad to post it!

The MCA board did NOT allow me to speak and it did NOT provide me with the agenda for the meeting as I had requested in writing. 

I did NOT receive the minutes and other documents I had requested in writing numerous times.  The meeting lasted only about 10 minutes.  One member attended the meeting because she does not use a computer and she wants to get the Monitor, but she did not get to speak at all.

I’ve heard that the  MCA members at the Canyon’s End meetings are concerned with misuse of MCA funds.

I know next to nothing about the MCA finances aside from what’s published in the Monitor.  I have NO idea why they pay about $4,000/month for maintenance SALARIES and another $4,000/month for office staff.  That’s INSANE!!!

I heard that Tom O’Keeffe gets paid for that sorry excuse of a website at http://mca-az.org/ and I don’t know how much he gets paid.

That would be an excellent question to ask at the next meeting!

As of today, 11/6/12, the MCA Events page lists only PAST events.  Not even the board meeting is listed. And the links to the Monitor are STILL messed up.  I informed the MCA at least half a year ago that the links weren’t working.


Whoops! The page could not be found. Try giving it another chance below

I had to correct the URL to http://mca-az.org/monitor_issues/2012NovDec.pdf to get the Monitor.  There is some interesting info about planned power upgrades and Suzanne Newell’s news and a few scenic pictures. The baby of people I don’t know, huh?

Of course the Monitor does not contain any mention of the many unhappy members, the calls for the board to resign and my petition for the dissolution of the MCA.

Also NOT in the Monitor:  Minutes of board and committee meetings (bylaws, architectural, finance …) or ANY info whatsoever about the MCA board / committee activities.

Most of what’s in the Monitor has already been published in the Meadview News and is completely unrelated to the MCA.

So I’ll be at the board meeting this Saturday at 9 AM to video record and I will stay at the MCA for a while after the meeting to listen to members’ concerns, answer questions, explain the options the members have and what will happen when the ABSENTEE OWNERS (huge majority of votes) and many locals vote to dissolve the MCA.

NOW is the time to work out a compromise or LOSE the income from the annual $35 dues for about 4,500 lots.

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4 Responses to 11/10/12: MCA board meeting and SPECIAL informal member meeting

  1. You’re right about the MCA meetings being repeated at the Fishermans Landing. Seems everything including the Meadview Chamber “secret meetings” is talked about there. Sounds like Helene Williams running the MCA meetings just like Chamber.
    These two organizations are deceitful and underhanded to certain members.
    There are no secrets in Meadview all you have to do is buy Johnathan a drink and he turns into a over flowing fountain of information.

  2. I would be happy to teach a quality woodworking class. as you all know i am a master woodworker. All I need is to get Helene Williams, and other members of the chamber, and the MCA out of the mix.but I will never again work with the likes of Helene Williams.

    • This is actually a response to my post at http://highdesertdirt.com/blog/2012/11/02/who-teaches-wood-working-in-meadview/

      Steve, I’ve seen your work in your house and you did a fantastic job. That’s actually what we’re looking to learn as we EVENTUALLY hopefully find the time to work on our house again.

      The big problem is of course finding a suitable LOCATION and it’s a bit COLD now. But I’m hoping by spring we’ll have a place to meet and it would be great if you’d teach a class. I bought a brand new router over ten years ago from Sears and never once used it because it didn’t have instructions and despite paying Sears over $10 for a replacement manual, never got it. But it can’t be that difficult 🙂

  3. It’s a pretty pitiful situation when two corrupt closed society organizations like the MCA and the Meadview Chamber of Commerce prevent people from trying to make money or start a small business. Operative word is commerce??? I guess the IQ of some of those Meadview residents is not high enough to comprehend that concept.
    Don’t feel so bad about not being invited to a MCA meeting the Chamber holds illegal secret meetings about us at the dirty hand of one Helene Williams who makes up lies and false allegations about us. You would think that the shallow closed minds of Meadview would know better since everyone has been a victim of her vicious lies and gossip.
    As a member, with our dues paid up in full the Chamber did absolutely nothing for us as a small enterprise. But all is good. I’m getting orders through word of mouth and all those price tags/business cards I attached to my birdhouses and furniture.
    Commission the Chamber won’t be seeing.
    We grew some of the best tomato’s this year and we’re starting on the next big thing another hot house and looking forward to a garden stand, seed sales, making organic compost…..
    It’s sad to see people turn their noses up at home grown organic food.

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