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My request to the MCA to reactivate my access card

I decided to request that the MCA reactivate my access card as it’s been years since I had to deal with this, but their demand for dues and late fees got my attention.  Here’s my email to

Subject: Request to MCA Board to vote to reactivate my access card

To all MCA Board Members:

You keep sending me invoices and you’re charging late fees for MCA dues.  Did you forget that you deactivated my access card while I was a member in good standing?

For your reference, the MCA letter advising that my access was terminated is posted at

New board same as the old board, MCA shut off my access card

I hereby request that you reactivate my access card so that I can attend the MCA board meetings and continue my reporting on MCA activities.

I’ll appreciate your response by email.


Christine Baker
c: posted at

We’ll see what the new board has to say.

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New board same as the old board, MCA shut off my access card

I can’t believe that I got this board elected.  A year and a half of stress and so much time wasted … for that!!!

Dear Ms. Baker,

On or about January 12, 2013 you received a letter from the MCA’s attorney Richard L. Basinger of Basinger Legal Services, PLC, this letter outlined the MCA boards concern with your behavior during the MCA’s meetings and your public dissemination of MCA’s business and the untrue statements posted on your website and on you-tube.

In this letter it was also outlined what behavior would be tolerated to allow you continued access to the MCA facility.

You have continued to disregard this request and the MCA board has determined it necessary to deny you access by shutting off your card.

You may regain access to the MCA facility by meeting with the MCA board and apologizing for your unacceptable behavior and agreeing to discontinue your public dissemination of MCA business and to discontinue posting untrue statements on your website and on you-tube and that you will agree to follow the request set forth in the letter dated January 12,2013.

You may make arrangements to meet with the MCA board by letter or bye-mail 7 days in advance of our receiving your letter or e-mail. You will be considered a member NOT in good standing during the shut off period.


Frank Eakins, President
Meadview Civic Association, Inc. Board of Governors’

I should have went for dissolution of the MCA as I had originally planned last year.  Many people asked me to give the new board a chance, but obviously I shouldn’t have bothered.

I’m not at all interested in a meeting and I have been working on a written response (much easier to use in court) with three options:

1) They let my lot and any lot I own in the future OUT of the MCA.

2) They reinstate my card and comply with my long list of demands.

3) I sue the MCA and the current and former board members.

I expect I’ll end up suing, but I do want to give them the opportunity to avoid litigation because I’d rather have the MCA dissolved and have the assets including the cash go to a COMMUNITY non profit instead of to Basinger.

Of course I’ll resume my petition to dissolve the MCA.

What will come first?  Dissolution after a member vote, by court order or when the MCA is broke?

If the issues aren’t resolved in a couple weeks, I’ll also work on contacting legislators who should change the law to included statutory damages for HOA violations. The MCA is by FAR worse than the association discussed in this Florida video:

This FL committee seems to be only concerned with the association not providing financial documents to the members. Of course the MCA also failed to comply with my many requests for documents, but they slandered and defamed me, made two false police reports about me, wouldn’t let me vote, wouldn’t let me run for the board, etc. etc. etc.

If I sue the MCA, I predict that attorney Basinger will get a HUGE chunk of the MCA cash reserves.

I think that he should be disbarred for the awful advice he has been giving to the MCA.  He ought to be in front of an Arizona committee and he ought to be sued by the membership for malpractice — after all, it’s OUR money!

Yesterday at the farmstand I met a couple staying at Canyon’s End because they are house hunting in Meadview.

My first question was: “Why do you want to move to this hellhole?

I explained what’s going on with the MCA and that we have many good people here, but there is NO community whatsoever because of the Meadview clique “Beverly Hills” attitude.  I think they know better than to buy an MCA property.

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Summary of the 6/8/13 MCA board meeting with the all new board

The first meeting of the new board started a bit strange. They did NOT read the minutes of the last (private) meeting and the annual meeting on Memorial Day weekend Saturday. The PRIVATE board meeting on Memorial Day was not even mentioned. There is NO record of the board members accepting their positions. Frank statedContinue ReadingContinue Reading

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My request for issues to be added to the MCA board meeting agenda

My email to the MCA: Dear Board of Governors: Please add the following issues to the agenda for the June 8 board meeting: 1) Remove Grant Veile from the board as he campaigned in violation of the bylaws and replace him with the next runner-up, Kenneth Cardenas. The bylaws state:  “There shall be no electioneeringContinue Reading

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OFFICIAL MCA election results

Contrary to the rumors, Grant was elected. However, I will be asking the board to remove him as he illegally electioneered and he gave a long campaign speech last Saturday. He should be replaced with Kenneth Cardenas, the next runner up. The other board members are, in order of votes received: Frank Eakins Ron KingContinue Reading

Unofficial MCA election results: NO on dues increase, no to Kenneth, Connie and Helene

I don’t have the official results as the MCA website has no info whatsoever except MAY 25  –  SATURDAY  –  Following Meeting, ending at 02:30pm Annual MCA Election Getting a functional MCA website is one of the first things the new board ought to do. The new board members: Raymond Stone Joy Luke Kent BarneyContinue Reading

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The official MCA absentee ballot – I vote NO on everything

Not surprising, the ballot is as confusing as everything else the MCA does and I’m voting NO to all proposed changes.   They SHOULD have included the CURRENT bylaws sections that they want to change.  Also, the most current version of the bylaws dated 5/26/12 states: SECTION 3. The By-Laws Committee shall recommend to the BoardContinue Reading

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5/25/13 MCA elections, dues increase, new board and how to request absentee ballots

If you don’t live here or you live here and you do NOT have an MCA key card, request your absentee ballot NOW! You can call the MCA at  (928) 564-2313 and ask whether you can fax your ballot request to (928) 564-2520. Download the ballot request The absentee ballots have to be DELIVERED toContinue Reading

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