A couple months ago I was reading in the Miner on the way to town that it was international peace day and that there was a peace vigil in Kingman.  We were done with most of our errands by the time the vigil started and we decided to join them.  They had extra signs, I was waving a “HONK FOR PEACE” sign and a LOT of people honked.


Photo by JC AMBERLYN/Miner

It was great to meet Christine Meisenheimer and several other very interesting people including gardeners.

I had no idea that Kingman has peace activists and an “Occupy” movement, who would have thought!  I wish we weren’t so far away.

Here is Christine Meisenheimer’s email with more info:

fellow peace activists

hope all of you had a warm and joyful thanksgiving. this brief note is a reminder that the kingman bi-monthly peace vigil is this coming sunday – november 25 – from 11:30-12:30. we meet at our normal meeting place on the corner of stockton hill and airway beginning at 11:30. we meet the 2nd and 4th sunday of each month and have been meeting bi monthly since 2010!

if you live to be 70-80 years old you’ll be in this reality for approximately 1,000 months or 25-30,000 days …… your heart beats 1 billion times. make each heartbeat, each moment, represent and stand for peace. IF your time allows this sunday morning please join us to stand for peace from 11:30-12:30 – pick the time that fits best for you:-) btw and fyi ……. will  typically stand for a half hour from 11:30-noon.

call chris at 757-4616 if you have any concerns or questions. join us if you can ……. leave when you must:-) please pass this information forward to anyone who you think might be interested in standing for peace as well! remember …… peace begins with each of us individually…… peace and gentlest of wishes to you and yours:-)


For more info or to get on the email list for reminders please contact Chris by email to createpeace@frontier.com.