Last night around 11 pm Meadview resident Camille McDowell’s mobile home on Bishop burned to the ground and she did not get out.

Camille worked at the Canyon’s End Restaurant & Motel where we often have our Gardening Club meetings.  A few months ago we discussed the need for a non profit to help residents with setting up living trusts and living wills.  I know how to do it, but my software is 10 years old and we talked about updating the software and setting up trusts for free to gardening club members.   So I had a note with Camille’s phone number and I was supposed to call her once I updated my software, but I’ve been too busy planting fruit trees to worry about living trusts.  Just last weekend I talked with Camille at the restaurant.  It’s so shocking, hard to believe she’s gone.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.   I heard that a firetruck came from Dolan Springs, that there was one water truck, that they didn’t know where to get more water and that no ambulance was at the scene.  I’ll still have to confirm this with the LMRFD and I have some questions.

Everybody PLEASE make sure that you have working smoke detectors in your house!

RIP Camille!