The County finally graded Charles and it’s ok, but not great.  Many of the other roads are CRAP!

Pics and video of the first storm almost three weeks ago:

Wind and flooding — THE storm of 2016?

In 16 years I NEVER got stuck.   On Saturday I got stuck in a sand trap on Pear between Byron and Lucky, right by Lee’s house.  Once I was stuck I remembered that Ruth down the road had cautioned me about the sand there several years ago, but back then I had no problem at all. Thanks, Dan and Belinda, for pulling me out!

Last night I got stuck with my dually in the sand on Verde between Charles and Smoke Tree.  I’ve NEVER had a problem with the dually in the 16 years I’ve owned it and I’ve taken that road a gazillion times!  Shoveled sand for almost an hour today to get out.

UPS got stuck on Smoke Tree (I think down from Rose). He had to get pulled out by Mickey and the driver said he won’t deliver there anymore, have to pick up packages at the post office.

I drove Peach right off Charles with 4-wheel drive after the 1st storm and there was a LOT of sand too, will avoid it with 2-wheel drive.

We’ve always had sand patches, but not like this! 

Aside from the sand to get stuck in, we have COUNTLESS deep ruts and washouts.  Hauling water is tearing up the trucks and trailers.   A few months ago somebody suggested to me that the water co-op should fix the roads like they used to.  That must have been before my water hauling days, don’t remember that.

After the 1st storm all the tractor guys did a great job fixing the roads, and then the 2nd storm hit that night and everybody was worn out.  Bob Herrin used to do a lot of the road repairs in Unit 7, but he’s just been in the hospital and not getting any younger.  He made an effort on Green Tree and Bullhead and they’re not too bad now.  I haven’t seen George on a tractor in a long time, Mickey was working hard fixing roads, but there are so many bad roads.   So maybe the water co-op should spend a few bucks to pay someone to fix some of these roads to get at least a few decent routes to the wells.

Sandy Point has been CLOSED where it changes from paved to dirt road since the storm.  The County hasn’t bothered to put up a sign anywhere other than right where it’s closed and I had to go on a several mile detour.  I hear it’s badly washed out, will try to take some pics.

If I only had more time, should create a new page with roads NOT to take and good alternate routes.   If you know of any other roads to avoid, please post here.