Some of the many important LOCAL issues (in no particular order):

  • Water — limit mega farms, drain Lake Powell
  • Zoning laws — County changes to ag exemption, requirements for building inspections, encouraging local food production
  • Crime — most locals don’t even bother to report thefts
  • Road maintenance — Lake Mead City and Meadview roads suck!  4 people died 7/24/16 at 93 and Pierce Ferry.  One of many accidents. The future I-11 freeway needs an overpass ASAP.
  • Libraries — I wondered why the Meadview library is only open 3 days times a week and only for a few hours.  Apparently a 1/4 cent sales tax proposed by Supervisor Jean Bishop was rejected by the other supervisors.  Do the other districts not have libraries?  Do they have more funds? More volunteers? What’s going on, Meadview and Dolan Friends of the Library?  I searched and found the Chino Valley Friends of the Library website.  What’s up with Dolan and Meadview?
  • Recycling Centers — Fairbanks, Alaska, had 3 recycling centers.  Residents dropped off stuff they didn’t need, it was sorted by type such as appliances, kitchen stuff, furniture, clothes, toys, tools, etc and anyone could go pick stuff up free.  We have no Habitat store and everything goes to the dump — where salvaging is strictly prohibited.
  • Cows — end free ranging along Stockton Hill, Pierce Ferry and residential areas
  • Fire and ambulance  — most LMC and Meadview residents drive themselves to the hospital or have friends/family drive them because it’s so much faster. The Meadview fire station is not staffed properly, there are no volunteers and our next supervisor needs to get us the funds that are available such as PILT funds and all of Meadview needs to be annexed to the fire district.  We can’t expect services we don’t pay for!

Since there are no Democrats or Independents running for District 4 SUPERVISOR, the Republican primary will decide who the next District 4 Supervisor will be:

Jean Bishop (incumbent) – Campaign site

I’ve been so disappointed by Supervisor Bishop.  She attends COUNTLESS meetings and seems to never stop campaigning.  Bishop outright refused to answer my questions posted on Facebook.   She was at a recent COM meeting in Meadview and talked about NOTHING but a stray dog — for real — her entire speech was about a dog.  I doubt that ANYONE could accomplish less than Bishop.  I will post our email correspondence and the many things she FAILED to do in a new post.  And for clarification, calling county departments to ticket people for zoning violations is NOT what I call an accomplishment.  You, I and everybody else can do that.

Krystal Gabrielson —  Facebook
I saw an interview with her about water and she seems to care. Active in the Kingman Homesteading Co-op Facebook group.

Rick Armstrong Facebook
Rick explained to me how the Republican PRIMARY decides who the next supervisor will be.  Active in the Kingman Homesteading Co-op Facebook group.

Mervyn Pitchfork FreedomFacebook
Mervyn is “awake” — knows how the bankers run the world (watch the videos he posted on his Facebook).  Many locals will remember him as the pitchfork guy as he was arrested and later acquitted of trespassing with a pitchfork in 2011.  Apparently he legally changed his name.   I don’t know where he stands on the issues and I don’t think he’s seriously campaigning as I found no other website for him.

Make an INFORMED decision!

7/23/16 update:  I notified the supervisor candidates of my request for their positions.   I will be creating new pages and posts for the issues and candidates and the candidates can contact me with questions and answers.

I also plan to attend and video record at least one “candidate forum” in the next couple of weeks and will post the video.  If you have additional questions or issues you’d like all candidates to address, please post below and I’ll submit it and I will post the responses.

Listing of ALL Mohave Country candidates — except for District 1 supervisor ALL County candidates are Republicans.

Registered Democrats ought to consider dropping their party affiliation JUST for this primary!

Want to change your party affiliation?

You can register to vote in a matter of minutes online by clicking the Service Arizona button below (Arizona driver license or non-operating ID required). The deadline to register to vote for any election is 29 days prior. The Primary Election is August 30, 2016 and the deadline to register to vote is August 1, 2016 at midnight.

Quite likely, do-nothing but attend meetings and refusing to answer questions incumbent Supervisor Jean Bishop will be re-elected unless the many people who CARE in District 4 actually vote.

Can Independent voters vote in the Primary Election?

Yes. Arizona has an Open Primary and voters that are not registered with a recognized political party (Independents) are able to request a partisan ballot.

Who gets which ballot in a primary election?

Democratic Voter → Democratic Party Ballot
Green Voter → Green Party Ballot
Libertarian Voter → Libertarian Party Ballot
Republican Voter → Republican Party Ballot
Independent Voter → Democratic OR Green OR Republican Party Ballot (may only choose one)1, 2, 3

1 The Libertarian Party has a closed primary. 2 Independent voters who vote by mail must contact their County Recorder to designate which partisan ballot they want mailed to them. 3 Local, non-partisan ballots may be available. Check with your County Recorder.

August 30, 2016 – Primary Election
August 1, 2016 – Last Day to Register for this election
August 3, 2016 – Early Voting Begins
August 19, 2016 – Last Day to Request Early Ballots
August 26, 2016 – Last Day Early Voting Site open
August 30, 2016 – Election Day

You only have about a week to register or change party affiliation! 

You can NOT vote for supervisor unless you get the REPUBLICAN ballot!

To request Early Ballots:

Early Ballot Request 

Voter Registration
Kim Stewart
Administrative Supervisor
P.O. Box 7000
700 W. Beale Street
Kingman, AZ 86402-7000
TDD Number 928-753-0769

Email:  Voter Registration

Single Early Ballot Request
An Early Ballot Request may be placed by emailing your request to Voter Registration.

Click here to email your request and info.

*If you are requesting that your ballot be mailed to a different address, you must print out the Early Ballot Request form below, sign the form, and mail it to Mohave County Voter Registration.

The following are printable forms for Early Ballot Requests.  Click here to download the English version or here to download the Spanish version of the form.

The Voter Registration Office will send the early ballot packet 27 days before an election.

Early Voting KINGMAN location:

Kathryn Heidenreich Senior Center   (Building behind Senior Center)
1776 Airway, Suite B, Kingman, AZ
Hours of Operation for August 30, 2016 Primary Election:
August 3rd – August 12th  (Monday thru Friday)   9:00 a.m. –  2:00 p.m.
August 15th – August 26th  (Monday thru Friday)

On Election Day, all voters who wish to vote, and did not vote early, must vote at their home precinct (precinct in which you currently reside) polling location between the hours of 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

To Find Your Poll Site Location:

  • Check your sample ballot for your polling place address

  • Click here to Search Your Polling Place on line

  • Call Voter Registration at 928-753-0767

9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Election materials cannot be forwarded–make sure Voter Registration has your current address

The above info was found at these websites and there is a whole lot more info: