LMRFD fire board meeting tomorrow 2/27/17 in Dolan Springs

NEW meeting time and place:

1:30 pm Dolan Springs Chamber of Commerce 2/27/17 (not in Meadview as scheluded.)

The regular meeting was scheduled for last Monday, another one of those stupid shopping holidays they should just do away with.  Of course I didn’t know it was a holiday, but I went to check the LMRFD website for meeting info.  As usually, there was no useful info whatsoever.  I got to read the same FALSE claims of two staffed fire station, despite my repeated requests to update LMRFD.org with CURRENT information (the Meadview station hasn’t been properly staffed since 2012 and is closed at least half the time.)

I called the Dolan station, the fire fighter who answered said Karen wasn’t in and he knew nothing about the board meeting.   Then I drove to Meadview for the meeting and when nobody was at the Meadview station and at the MCA, I checked the post office.  It was closed (holiday.)

I checked the announcement board at the Meadview post office and there was absolutely NOTHING about the February fire board meeting.

All the info at the post office was about the JANUARY meeting.

On Tuesday I called the Dolan station again and I was told that before the weekend the info about the rescheduled meeting was sent to Meadview for posting.  HUH?   Are all these Meadview people involved with the fire district imbeciles?

This is a CONSTANT problem!

Meetings are scheduled or rescheduled with NO notice to the public!

How can so many people be so incompetent they REPEATEDLY schedule meetings on holidays?

Please note that Karen declined my offer for assistance with the LMRFD website.  For specifics, a lot more background info and interesting discussion please read


I still have high hopes for Karen as she did email me the agenda on Tuesday (better late than never), but it’s really a waste of her time.  Why not just add the subscribe button to LMRFD.org as I had suggested and post it all online instead of emailing a few select people?  EVERYBODY should be able to get the meeting info.

The first Meadview Frontier DSL customers already have “high speed” fiber optics internet.   I’m not one of those lucky ones and I don’t know how fast the fiber optics will be once everybody is on it, but as soon as I have faster internet I have quite a few fire board meetings to upload to youTube.

This IS a matter of life and death.

I’ve had way too many friends and neighbors die to allow imbeciles to refuse to restore fire and ambulance services for Meadview.

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  1. Well it might be some time before we get a truly functioning FD. currently it seems their spending our tax money on office equipment. Yah, that’ll help with fire
    I’m still waiting on an explanation on why I’m the only one in my immediate area that has to pay FIRE DISTRICT TAXES

  2. I don’t see how they could run a fire district without adequate office equipment? Do you want to volunteer to help with MANUALLY running the operation?

    And I don’t understand, thought you had decided to join the district to support them. Only YOU know why you joined.

    I’ve written a LOT about why NOT to join.

    Hope that explains it, Rick.

  3. Every home and business owner in the district is going to be for a big surprise if the companies insuring their properties find out there is no fire protection within 15 miles. It’s bad enough there are no hydrants but lack of a paid / partly paid or volunteer fire department will cause a giant increase and or cancellation to their owners insurance policy. The board of directors should be asked this question at the next meeting. Better yet ask Bishop and the other county supervisors. Also, as an experienced loss control inspector performing fire and liability inspections for large insurance companies for the past 25 + years I can professionally say that most of the commercial businesses I have visited in the area would fail a basic fire inspection not to mention a 30 – 60 day notice from the insurance company to make the corrections.

  4. You may be right, but it’s not the fire district’s problem. You can ask them all you want, they could not care less. At Monday’s meeting Ellen spoke with regards to a number of issues, apparently she studied my many posts about the issues and how to get more money into the district.

    I think the primary problem is that state law does not allow payment for the board members. Administrator John Flynn got almost $7,000 EVERY month to “administer” the bankrupt district for 3.5 years — plus $200 for driving his sorry ass to monthly meetings here. APPROVED BY BOS!

    Flynn did nothing but fire most personnel and sell the assets. I requested that the BOS MAKE Flynn provide a listing of all assets sold, including the sales prices and the names of the buyers as there were rumors alleging that equipment was sold too cheap and to his buddies. I got NOTHING. Flynn did absolutely NOTHING to increase the district income, just like the current board.

    It’s crazy to expect VOLUNTEERS to run the district and to research and work MANY more hours than Flynn. It’s something that needs to be taken up with the STATE.

    I’m sure there are very good reason for this idiotic law and I wouldn’t object to a cap of $500/month, but as I’m sure everybody knows, you get what you pay for.

    Pretty soon we’ll be looking at the one year anniversary of the fire board and it’s nothing to be proud of — unless you consider NOT bankrupting the district and having Meadview dark most of the time and NEVER fully staffed an accomplishment.

    It’s all very sad, but will not change unless a lot of people start to give a damn, recall Bishop (who gets paid a FORTUNE by Mohave County standards) and elect people who are competent and NOT corrupt.

  5. This board unlike previous boards needs to provide the community with its goals and objectives. It’s been in operation long enough to be accountable and have mmeasurments against those abjectives.

  6. They did state their objectives when they ran and obviously their objective is to keep the district going. The problem is that they’re likely all Republicans and couldn’t think their way out of a cardboard box on fire and my suggestions have been completely ignored.

    The ONLY thing they’re trying to do to increase funds is to put a measure on the ballot to increase the tax rate. And if they actually do that (it’s being discussed), they’ll probably waste the thousands of dollars it costs to put it on the ballot. I doubt that many people would vote for a tax increase.

    Would you prefer to fire the board and dissolve the district?

    I haven’t seen you or any other resident WORK on solutions — I spend abaout 5 or 6 hours every month (at minimum) working on fire district issues.

    Maybe somebody else could actually DO something?

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