On 9/20/18 was the justice court hearing regarding LRMRD administrative assistant Karen Jackson’s petition for an injunction due to harassment.   The day before the hearing I received the notice that chief DeMaio also petitioned for an injunction, for defamation and libel.

Chief Demaio’s petition and exhibit:
9/11/18 Chief DeMaio’s petition and exhibit

Unlike administrative assistant Karen Jackson, chief DeMaio’s petition did not include a letter and his only exhibit are some pages from my 9/8/18 blog post:

Karen Jackson’s Petition for Injunction against Harassment

It’s notable that chief DeMaio’s exhibit looks a lot better than Karen Jackson’s and his excerpts from my post are actually readable.

What does that say for chief DeMaio’s decision to not only hire, but refuse to fire Karen Jackson? She submitted UNREADABLE exhibits to the court!

Tony DeMaio had my address incorrect, both had used my street address and it’s a miracle I got both mailings.  Since they do NOT live in the LMRFD district, they apparently don’t know that we don’t have mail delivered to our homes.

MY exhibits:

I was up late the night before the hearing, deciding which documents to submit and it’s always a good idea to look up what you’re accused of:

Exh-1:  ARS 13-2921 – Harassment; classification; definition

In my LONG post about Karen Jackson’s Petition for Injunction against Harassment I explained many of my points:

Exh. 2: My 9/9/18 post about Karen Jackon’s petition
Parts of this post were also chief DeMaio’s exhibits.

After I was served with Karen Jackson’s Hearing Order I reviewed many minutes and docs and I finally started a new topic about issues with chief DeMaio:

Exh. 3:  My 9/18/18 forum post about chief DeMayo’s incompetence

Karen Jackson’s Exhibit B, my post with the 8/27/18 board meeting video, was not readable.  So I included it as my Exhibit 4.   It describes several items OMITTED in the DRAFT Minutes prepared by Karen Jackson and it even includes the times in the video for easy viewing (thank you, Ellen!):

Exh. 4: My 9/18/18 forum post with the August LMRFD meeting video

9/19/18: The LMRFD.org pages with the minutes. Few minutes were online and many were DRAFT minutes:

Exh. 5: The LMRFD.org pages with the listing of mostly DRAFT Minutes

I don’t remember the judge’s name and I can’t find it on the docs, but he had a surprisingly good grasp of the law and the 1st Amendment. It was funny that he thought I should have provided the actual minutes with the LMRFD.org printout.  Obviously, he had not seen any recent LMRFD minutes — we would have been there all day! And reading the minutes doesn’t even do anything, you have to watch HOURS of board meeting video to see how the minutes do NOT reflect what really happened and how Karen Jackson completely omits even items that were voted on.

Incompetence, conspiracy, collusion?

So the Petitions were denied, but I didn’t even get reimbursed for mileage (120 mile round trip.)

C’est la vie.