This is the strangest thing.

LMRFD does NOT charge when the EMTs don’t transport the patient.

Is that crazy or what?

A friend called 911 because he was in terrible pain, but it got better while the EMT assisted him and calmed him down. He had nothing but praises for the EMT. The EMT didn’t take his insurance info. He’s on Medicare and has supplemental, surely they would have paid a few bucks for an ambulance to drive about 60 miles to assist him.

  • Board member Charlotte wants to use CREDIT CARDS in the ambulance to get payments.
  • Chief DeMaio refuses to bill for these ambulance runs.

One time the chief mentioned that the ambulance went from Dolan to Meadview to the same patient THREE times — not one cent was billed because they didn’t transport.

I really don’t want to see credit cards requested in the ambulance, but why not bill for services rendered?

I think what we need more than ANYTHING in Meadview is a traveling nurse, someone who cares about people and provides services right here.  Just like that EMT.

Why not hire an EMT / nurse to drive a little truck (not an ambulance) to make those house calls and s/he can call the helicopter if we need a transport?  This could be people being at home instead of at the fire station and you pay a monthly minimum and then per call.

Emergencies can FLY.

Ever wonder how many people die in Meadview every year because they’re afraid to call 911?

While locally known as “Beverly Hills”, many old poor people live in Meadview. They deserve better!

I heard that a man in his 80s got injured at the Family Dollar and he refused transport to the hospital because on a previous occasion he had to pay $300 for a cab to get back home!