The next meeting is 7/23/18 at the Dolan Springs Chamber of Commerce, presumably at 1:30 pm, but the time is omitted in the minutes.

Chief DeMaio and chairwoman Cass entirely IGNORED my 6/10/18 request for various items to be added to the agenda. They didn’t even acknowledge my email.

So I just wrote:

Dear Chief DeMaio and Chairwoman Cass:

On 6/10/18 I wrote:

“So I am asking you to put the following items on the agenda for the next board meeting:”


Exactly WHAT do I need to do to get something on the agenda and to get a response to my emails?

Cash? Gifts? WHAT?

Or do you ONLY respond to formal complaints like Jay Fleming’s or to a summons?

Christine Baker


The nerve to want to annex all of Meadview (including MY property) while showing NOTHING but contempt for the public.  And not only contempt for the public, but also for board members.   Charlotte Kiffer has REPEATEDLY asked for corrected minutes to be provided in a timely manner for review (since Karen is the most useless administrative assistant and often just can’t get it right.)
The last meeting was nightmarish again.

From the 6/25/18 minutes:

2018-6-25 LMRFD minutes excerpt

6/25/18 LMRFD minutes excerpt

So, it’s now July and the APRIL minutes have yet to be approved.

I don’t know how Charlotte can stand it.
I don’t know why the other board members are not upset about this BS.

Theodora Kloeppen just volunteered for the vacant board position after Rick Sherwood resigned and I hope she’ll kick some ass and support Carlotte in her efforts to bring some reason to the madness at LMRFD.

I really don’t know why they don’t fire the chief, who is apparently for whatever reasons not capable of firing Karen Jackson.  There have been a gazillion executive sessions regarding the administrative assistant position, but nothing ever changes.

The icing on the cake, Karen Jackson actually backdates the minutes to avoid violating the AZ Open Meeting Laws:

Backdated 6/25/18 minutes

Screenshot of the backdated 6/25/18 LMRFD DRAFT minutes

In fact, Karen Jackson did not send the minutes out for posting until 7/16/18.

From the Arizona Open Meeting Laws

The minutes or a recording of the public session must be open for public inspection no
later than three working days after the meeting, except as otherwise provided in the
statute. A.R.S. § 38-431.01(D).

It’s one thing to be late with the minutes, but it’s much more serious to BACKDATE the minutes to make it look like LMRFD complies with the law.
And since this attempt to cover up violations of the Open Meeting Law is NOT an isolated incident, but minutes are routinely posted late, it’s about time to submit a formal complaint.
I would like to see CRIMINAL charges for trying to cover up these Open Meeting Law violations.

I wish my day had at least a hundred hours.