2018 Meadview Octoberfest pictures

Once again, the Meadview Octoberfest ended at 2 pm.    NO typo — I mean it, it ended at 2 in the afternoon.


Why does EVERYTHING have to revolve around money and power?

The only purpose of this ULTRA LAME Octoberfest was for the crafters to sell their stuff.  And they did great!  But that doesn’t do a thing for our COMMUNITY.

I didn’t see a single person from my neighborhood as apparently everybody felt that it wasn’t worth the gas.

  • Why can’t we have a REAL Octoberfest?
  • Why can’t we have just ONE annual event that kicks ass?
  • Why didn’t the Crows Nest participate?

As typical “conservatives”, our business owners don’t work TOGETHER.  It’s all about who is going to own Meadview.


I don’t care if the crafters go home at two. I would have loved to take a friend on this beautiful afternoon to enjoy a couple beers, listen to the band, enjoy the sunset and catch up with my friends and neighbors.  I know so many people here, but rarely see them anymore.

Meadview SO SUCKS!

Here are a few pictures taken around 2 pm:

I don’t know what I was thinking when I got these brats at TJ’s, must have been the Bavarian packaging.   I haven’t bought pork in many years and am mostly vegetarian. They’re not my favorite Nuernberger bratwurst and not the Munich weisswurst either, but they actually were quite good — with lots of Grey Poupon and a couple Spaten.

Almost forgot to post the rather short video of the band doing Secret Agent:

This could have been a very fun beautiful afternoon!

3 Responses to 2018 Meadview Octoberfest pictures

  1. My house got broke into on bullhead rd. Busy cleaning up too many crack heads live next door. That’s why we didn’t make it to town october fest. Meadview is being taken over by homeless drug addicts, so sad I use to enjoy this place.people need to do something .

  2. Hi David, I heard about your troubles, so sorry! Sadly, whoever sold you your house failed to tell you that Meadview has a very high property crime rate.

    Meadview is NOT being taken over by drug addicts. They were here LONG before I moved here in 2000.

    I know MANY people who lived here for many years and never had a problem. I’m one of the lucky ones. But it’s not only luck, but planning.

    1) Always have someone at the house.
    2) Have dogs
    3) Take some basic security measures


    I know people who left every summer and their house got robbed TWICE. Slow learners, don’t end up like them!

    Install a good system with upload to the cloud. I talked to sheriff Schuster about a workshop on surveillance systems earlier this year and he said he could assist. Obviously, it helps to get some recommendations with the countless brands and options and some tips.

    It’s also a good idea to have good relations with several neighbors so that if there IS a problem, you can call them when you’re away and they’ll likely get to your property BEFORE the deputy.

    And that takes me back to my original post above. If that stupid Octoberfest didn’t always end at two and/or if we had any kind of COMMUNITY here, we might have met years ago.

    I could WALK to your property in a few minutes. Yet I have no clue who you are 🙁

    And THAT is the problem with Meadview.

  3. Thanks for your concern, we have taken some security measures and now have really great neighbors watching out our home. Yes we are pretty sure we know who is robbing places around here. It’s next door to me he goes by P. Mcgraw. He runs with a bunch that drive a white moving truck that hauls a tailor. Hope he gets caught before he robs you and me again . I guess we have been lucky , we had this place since 2004, we really love it in Meadview and hope this town can survive all the meth heads . Thanks again for your concern, it’s good to know good people are in Meadview . Take care, David and family

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