The meeting is at 1:30 pm at the MCA and I just posted the 10/22/18 agenda and once again it includes another giant executive session.

LMRFD had a SPECIAL meeting on 10/10/18 and I posted the agenda and minutes at the forum.  Unfortunately I did not have time to video record what seemed like a very short regular session and I will get audio recording from LMRFD.

The 10/22/18 Agenda

The incompetent administrative assistant Karen Jackson just can’t get the minutes right and we STILL don’t have final minutes since MAY!

a. Executive Minutes 6/25/18
b. Regular Minutes 8/27/18
c. Regular Minutes 9/26/18
d. Executive Minutes 9/26/18 (Sets: 1, 2, & 3)
e. Special Minutes 10/10/18
f. Special Executive Minutes 10/10/18

UNBELIEVABLE — you can see why it’s impossible for the two board members who are actually WORKING (Charlotte and Eric) to get things done.

From the Agenda:

b. Fire Chief’s Report (The governing body may not propose, discuss, deliberate or take legal action on this matter unless the specific matter is properly noticed for legal action. Therefore, action taken as a result of the Chief ’s report will be limited to directing staff to study the matter or scheduling the matter for further consideration and discussion at a later date. (A.R.S. 38-431.02.K.)
One of the MANY regs the legislature has to CHANGE:

K. Notwithstanding subsection H of this section, the chief administrator, presiding officer or a member of a public body may present a brief summary of current events without listing in the agenda the specific matters to be summarized, if:

1. The summary is listed on the agenda.

2. The public body does not propose, discuss, deliberate or take legal action at that meeting on any matter in the summary unless the specific matter is properly noticed for legal action.

Think about how truly idiotic this is.

They have MONTHLY meetings. At EVERY regular meeting the chief gives a report.

You’re supposed to discuss the PREVIOUS month’s report at every meeting.

And who remembers that after hearing the NEW report a full month later?

Is that CRAZY or what?

I’m going to ask our state reps to form a committee or task force to make numerous changes to the ARS pertaining to fire districts.  A.R.S. 38-431.02.K should be changed to:

2. The public body does not propose, discuss, deliberate or take legal action at that meeting on any matter in the summary unless the specific matter is properly noticed for legal action.

You can’t even put an issue on the agenda until you know it exists.

If you can’t ASK the chief to clarify or provide more information pertaining to his report and then discuss it, there’s NOTHING to put on the agenda. DUH!

At every meeting we need more info about the calls and other issues the chief reports.

Sadly, chief DeMaio’s reports are always VERY incomplete and are seriously lacking substance.  He has been asked numerous time to provide more details.

Charlotte asked chief DeMayo to prepare a spreadsheet with the calls and he is NOT capable of doing so.

And he is not capable of hiring an administrative assistant who can list the 50 or so calls with location and other pertinent info.

BOTH DeMaio and Jackson should be fired!

Another grueling executive session:

1. Board of Directors may vote to go into Executive Session for legal advice pursuant to A.R.S. §38-431.03(A)(3), for possible direction to legal counsel pursuant to A.R.S. §38-431.03 (A)(4) and for personnel matters pursuant to A.R.S. §38-431.03 (A)(1) for the following matters:

c. Discussion regarding: Payroll discrepancy matter re: update. (Terrill)
d. Discussion regarding: Liaison for LMRFD re: EEOC complaint. (Cass)
e. Discussion regarding: Investigator for LMRFD re: EEOC complaint; hourly fee and retainer fee. (Cass)
f. Discussion regarding: Board Member Kiffer re: participation in Fire Chief related matters. (Kiffer)
g. Discussion regarding: Information related to possible Board Member Censure; authority for expenditures relating to. (Kiffer)
h. Discussion regarding: Concerns relating to Board Member Kiffer re: possible harassment. (Kiffer)
i. Discussion regarding: Personnel Matter; re: Fire Chief Contract. (Board/Administration)
j. Discussion regarding: VFIS additional coverage/services. (Board/Administration)
k. Discussion regarding: Legal Counsel review of current Administrative Assistant position. (Kiffer)
l. Discussion regarding: Review of legal counsel invoice re: July 15-August 30, 2018. (Board)

WHY is all that in executive session????

And here’s a good one:

“x. Discussion and possible action regarding: Length of Board Meetings; possible cut-off time; remainder items carried over. (Karash)

I think that’s the first time Mike has put anything on the agenda.  If he didn’t always vote with Deb Cass to NOT fire (or order the chief to fire) the incompetent administrative assistant Karen Jackson, the meetings would be a LOT shorter!