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South Cove boat ramp improvements and beautiful sunset

A solid cloud cover at South Cove. They keep extending the boat ramp and it looks like they’ll soon open the 2nd new launch area.

4-wheel drive recommended!

South Cove boat ramp

We went to the air strip and waited for the sun to set below the clouds:

The Colorado leaving the Grand Canyon
The Colorado leaving the Grand Canyon

On the drive home we watched the sun setting:

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Swimming in the Colorado at Pierce Ferry

We had SO much fun yesterday!   It was the perfect late afternoon to head to the Colorado for some swimming and just clowning around.    Here’s a short video:

Even I swam, although only for a few seconds after I accidentally walked off the sandbank into deep water.   I saved my beer!

It wasn’t too hot, no crowd to battle (why am I even posting this????) — we felt like we owned the Colorado.

No toxic algae scum as at South Cove, the water was cooler, it was so perfect.  Except for that one giant horsefly that kept attacking us.   I wish the park service would get those cows out.

It also would be a good idea for the NPS to run a rope or two across the river downstream from the beaches so that swimmers don’t end up in the rapids.  How much can that cost?

And why are “personal watercraft” prohibited?   Is an air mattress a personal watercraft?

Now that Lake Mead is turning into toxic algae scum I really don’t want to swim in it anymore.


Dogs often DRINK the toxic water and therefore are more likely to get seriously ill and even die.

Blue-green algae blooms: How toxic waters affect pets

Dogs as sentinels: Blue-green algae brings toxic mystery to Minn. waters

… She was the 18th dog in Minnesota to have died from suspected blue-green algae poisoning since the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency started tracking the issue a little more than a decade ago. …

The article goes into great length describing various possible causes for blue-green algae in MN lakes such as nitrogen and phosphorous runoff from farming.  I have found nothing about possible causes for the algae in Lake Mead and can only assume that it has to do with the lower lake level and warming of the water.

Since Mohave County couldn’t possibly CARE LESS about water quality in our lakes there is no tracking and in fact, residents and tourists have no idea that algae can be so toxic.   I have never seen a warning sign at the lake or read about it anywhere.  Just searched the Kingman Miner and I found nothing.

Draining Lake Powell is the only option I see to reduce the algae:

Lake Mead officials are fending off a water war — IGNORE Lake Powell

Obviously, I’d keep kids out of Lake Mead too.

Lake Mead officials are fending off a water war — IGNORE Lake Powell

7/20/16 update: I responded on Facebook to a water related post “What action has supervisor Jean Bishop taken? Anything?” and hope to hear from Ms. Bishop and from the other candidates. 9/10/16 update: NO response from re-elected supervisor Jean Bishop other than her “blocking” me on Facebook. ——————————————————————————— An interesting article in the LA Times:Continue ReadingContinue Reading

New hazards as Lake Mead water level drops

Despite the odd article in the COM newsletter claiming that “launching is good”, I’ve seen trucks barely get their boats out of the water in May when the water level was still higher:: And it’s not getting easier — I highly recommend 4 wheel drive!  And of course bring a book to read or somethingContinue Reading