County administrator Hendrix supports sales tax increase for ROADS!

Just when I thought I’d seen it all …

According to the Kingman Miner, Hendrix states that the County CAN improve our awful dirt roads, but we don’t have the funds.

• A quarter-cent increase in the sales tax is an “extremely powerful tool,” generating about $6 million a year, the county administrator mentioned. It was used to build the county administration office, the county jail and the sheriff’s office. And it would go a long way toward maintaining more than 2,000 miles of county roads, of which about 1,200 miles are unpaved. …

That’s contrary to Supervisor Jean Bishop’s statement right here last year:

8/18/16 Meadview meeting: how to get the dirt roads fixed


The July floods constituted a historic storm event. The rain measured at our weather station near Diamond Bar Road and Pierce Ferry Road was the highest ever recorded since the station was installed and was actually greater than a 100 year storm (a 100-year storm is a storm that has a one percent chance of occurrence in any given year).

The storms took a terrible toll on the roads. Unfortunately, most of the roads in Lake Mead City are not maintained by the County. And, for the County to accept them for maintenance, they would need to first be brought up to County Standards by those wishing the roads to be maintained. (Not by the County per ARS 28-6705)

28-6705. Public road and street maintenance ….

Who is lying?

I never believed that Mohave County was LEGALLY prevented from providing emergency aide to its rural residents and to clear the roads so that emergency vehicles could transport patients.

I emailed this link to Supervisor Bishop for clarification.

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  1. Here is the response from Supervisor Bishop’s secretary:

    Good Afternoon Christine,

    Mike Hendrix contact information is listed below.

    Mike Hendrix
    Mohave County Administrator
    main: 928-753-0729
    fax: 928-718-4957

    P.O. Box 7000
    700 W. Beale Street
    Kingman, AZ 86402

    Supervisor Bishop asked that you please contact Mr. Hendrix for clarification on his statements.


    Marianne Salem, CPM
    Executive Assistant for
    Supervisor Jean Bishop
    Mohave County Supervisor District 4

    And my response:

    I wasn’t asking for Hendrix’s address. It appears that Ms. Bishop LIED to the people of Meadview and I’m asking for HER explanation.

    WHY is she leaving us to die?


    Christine Baker


    I would so support the efforts to recall Bishop, but we have nobody to replace her with.

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