Some of Mohave county’s happiest chickens:

Anna’s chickens in Golden Valley

Our friend Anna in Golden Valley has not been able to keep the chickens out of her fenced veggie garden and they promptly ate the perpetual spinach plant we recently brought her.  We don’t know whether Anna likes the “spinach” (I think it’s really a chard), but the chickens liked it!

Realtor Jan in Meadview also lets her chickens roam in her orchard and now in the garden since she cleared out the summer crops.  She recently gave us a dozen eggs and they were delicious.

While Jose is vegan, I do eat eggs occasionally and I usually get them from Anna or in Lake Mead City from Robin or Monica & Bob and occasionally I get some duck eggs from Micky.  I’d rather eat no eggs than store bought eggs.

There are a number of locals with chickens and we’d love to post the contact info (phone and/or email) of residents who sell eggs.  And once we got the farmstand up (getting closer as we finally got more pallets, thanks Jan and Joan!), we can also sell eggs there.

Please CONTACT us if you’d like to be listed here.

If you think eggs are bad for you, please read Dr. Mercola’s article:

One of the Worst Ways to Eat Eggs

From picture #7:

Many mistakenly believe eggs are bad for your heart due to their cholesterol content. This is a serious misconception, as your body actually needs cholesterol, and artificially driving your cholesterol levels down is likely doing far more harm than good. Every cell in your body needs cholesterol. It helps to produce cell membranes, hormones, vitamin D and bile acids that help you to digest fat. Cholesterol also helps in the formation of memories and is vital for your neurological function. In other words, dietary cholesterol is your friend, not your enemy.

I suppose the MSM (main stream media) with its cholesterol and salmonella hype has influenced me and the idea of raw eggs does not appeal to me anymore.  When I was a kid, there was NOTHING better for an upset stomach than a couple of raw eggs beaten in a cup with a little salt and plain bread.  Of course our eggs came from my grandma’s chickens and nobody ever got sick.

I’m going to have lunch now:  Anna’s eggs sunny side up