Not surprising, the ballot is as confusing as everything else the MCA does and I’m voting NO to all proposed changes.   They SHOULD have included the CURRENT bylaws sections that they want to change.  Also, the most current version of the bylaws dated 5/26/12 states:

SECTION 3. The By-Laws Committee shall recommend to the Board of Governors the proposed changes to the by-laws which, in turn, shall be presented to the voting members at the annual meeting. The proposals will be published in the March/April issue of the Meadview Monitor, the official publication of the Association.

Why would they want to add another section stating that only the membership can change the bylaws?  Does this existing paragraph need clarification?  What’s wrong with what we have?

I also voted NO on the late fee because I don’t know what they will be replacing. I sure hope the new board will improve the voting process.

They need to include the current version, the proposed changes and they need to explain WHY they want the proposed changes.

Of course I also voted NO on the dues increase.

FYI, at the last board meeting I informed the board that the zip code for the absentee ballot return address is incorrect, but they did NOT bother to fix that and the instructions still state to mail the ballots to 88444.

So here is my ballot:


Remember that you need to have a key card to vote in person.

This requirement is violating the articles and has been made up by these MORONS to keep people from voting.  It happened to me last year, don’t let it happen to you!

The deadline for absentee ballots is THIS FRIDAY, 2 pm.  \

If you can’t make this deadline, you must purchase a $10 key card (NO REFUNDS!) to be able to vote.

Again, I hope the new board will get rid of all the corruption, fraud and illegal activities PROMPTLY as I have a number of absentee owners ready to vote to DISSOLVE the MCA.