If you don’t live here or you live here and you do NOT have an MCA key card, request your absentee ballot NOW!

You can call the MCA at  (928) 564-2313 and ask whether you can fax your ballot request to (928) 564-2520.

Download the ballot request

The absentee ballots have to be DELIVERED to the MCA by FRIDAY 5/24/13!

Remember that you can NOT vote if you don’t have a key card.

As always, there are numerous legal issues with the MCA election procedures, but at this point I just want to see an all new board, NO dues increase and hopefully the MCA will turn into the COMMUNITY organization it used to be.


At the last board meeting all candidates except Ron King were present and unfortunately Judy Kemper is NOT running for the board due to health problems and I hope that she will be ok.

All candidates present EXCEPT Grant Veile promised to allow non members to attend MCA activities.

Helene Williams stated that non MCA members would have to join the MCA after attending several activities.   That is NOT acceptable as you cannot expect residents to lower their property values, subject themselves to ridiculous restrictions and obligate the owner of their property to pay dues FOREVER.

Reading Ron King’s bio in the Monitor, I get the impression that he is more member and less community oriented.

So I will vote for Raymond Stone, Joy Luke, Kent Barney, Frank Eakins, Cloyd Moody, Kenneth Cardena and Connie Shull.

For more election information please download the Feb/March Monitor (3,860kb pdf).