I’d sure like to know how much of OUR dues money the board wasted on having attorney Basinger present for the about 2.5 hr meeting.

Why are COUNTY funds misused to provide “security” for the MCA board meetings?


I asked the deputy why he wasn’t working Diamond Bar and he told me that he had just worked all night and he was told to attend the MCA meeting.   I will be contacting the sheriff’s office to find out what is going on.

This is our TAX DOLLAR at work!

The MCA is a PRIVATE organization.  Why doesn’t the Meadview Market have a deputy there at all times, just in case somebody tried to rob them?

MCA president AJ Hyslop admitted to altering the minutes of the 11/10/12 board meeting.

AJ ADMITTED in front of everybody that he changed the minutes of the 11/10/12 board meeting, allegedly to include a vote by the board on the appointment of Grant Veile and Jack Newell that never happened.  AJ  asked secretary Aiko Graeber to sign these falsified minutes and she REFUSED.    Thank you, Aiko!

This just goes to show how CORRUPT the MCA board is.

More changes to the by-lawsThe board changed the by-laws today without member approval.  One change was regarding the requirement for board members to live on “their” MCA lot (as opposed to renting and MCA property) a minimum of one year prior to the election.   I had not realized that you could own 50 MCA lots, but if you live in Lake Mead City or on Patterson Grade, you can’t be on the board.

Clearly, the intent is to limit the members who can be on the board.   And it’s a beautiful example of the snobby townies and why Meadview has such a terrible reputation.

I was served with ANOTHER letter with DEFAMATORY and FALSE accusations.

This time signed by attorney Basinger: 1-12-13–attorney-Basinger-letter (pdf)
One item I want to address right away is the allegation that I’m accusing AJ of killing Joanne’s husband:

Amongst numerous untrue or false statements, which are considered libelous, slanderous and defamatory, is the following statement posted by you on December 9, 2012 at 10:09 AM is the following:

“It is probably a good idea to keep the names of members who sign the petition CONFIDENTIAL until we have sufficient signatures because many people are afraid of retaliation. In fact, even after the MCA is dissolved one has to worry. AJ likes to “take it outside” and I’m sure everybody knows how Joanne’s husband was killed.”

Also, in your web post of November 13, 2012, you again state and publish the following defamatory statement:

“. . . I do understand that many people are afraid to publicly post here of speak at the board meetings-who wants to get beaten up by AJ?”

You clearly infer in the above statement that AJ had something to do with Joanne’s husband’s death which is not only reckless and false but the most egregious of statements or inferences by your publically [sic] disseminated statements.

Of course we all know that AJ did NOT kill Joanne’s husband and I did not mean to infer this.

For those of you who do not know what happened, here’s a short summary.   Joanne (who used to work at the post office) and her husband were riding on their motorcycle on Stockton Hill.  They had a long history of disputes with another Meadview resident, who was driving his truck in the opposite direction, turned around, and ran them off the road.   Joanne’s husband died.  I assume that the guy is now in jail and I’d really like to know what happened at his trial.  Unfortunately, the COM newsletter doesn’t contain much news (Advertiser was a more appropriate name), and I’ll greatly appreciate more info.

I’m not accusing AJ of murdering Joanne’s husband, but this murder is one reason why residents are afraid to publicly stand up to the MCA — it just goes to show what can happen in Meadview.

Additionally, when it comes to AJ and fights, the Meadview Time grand opening party comes to mind.  When I arrived, at least 5 different people told me that AJ had just been asked to leave after getting into a fist fight.  True or false, AJ?  Maybe you can’t remember because you were so drunk?  Just because you can’t remember doesn’t mean that it didn’t happen.

The best evidence that people need to be afraid of AJ is on the video of the 11/10/12 board meeting when AJ actually stood up and stated that people who have a problem with him should come to him directly and that he’ll be glad to “take this outside.”

What does that mean to you?

To ME it means that he doesn’t want to break any furniture inside and that he’ll try to knock your teeth out.

Why else would you “take it outside?”

Also, when I tried to review the minutes at the MCA office, AJ Hyslop, Ray Beaton, and Tom O’Keeffe were there to intimidate me.  Tom O’Keeffe SCREAMED at me when I dared to take notes from documents I was LEGALLY entitled to copy (they refused to provide me with copies).

TWICE they have FALSELY accused me of being “disruptive and disorderly” and called 911 to have a deputy dispatched to the MCA.

You can watch the entire board meeting leading up to the 911 call at 9/8/12 MCA board meeting PART 1 – President AJ Hyslop calls sheriff for video recording.

Please watch the video and tell me when I was disruptive and disorderly!

AJ, Ray, and Tom should be JAILED for making FALSE POLICE REPORTS!

Attorney Basinger, why don’t you have the MCA SUE me and we’ll get the 911 recordings, my video and audio recordings, and let a JURY decide who defamed who?

FYI, I’ll gladly accept the complaint and summons by fax to 206-202-4653 and I will WAIVE SERVICE so the MCA does not have to incur the costs for a process server.

Harassment by the Townies, the Meadview clique.

Not only has the board made numerous false and defamatory statements about me, but the “Meadview clique” retaliated against the gardening club and people who are not even MCA members and have NOTHING whatsoever to do with my activities regarding the MCA.

  • Adrienne O’Keeffe (former MCA board member Tom O’Keeffe’s wife) advised me that the Meadview News would no longer run my ads because I’m “against the MCA.”  Not only did they refuse to run MY ads, but they refuse to run the ads for the gardening club meetings and for my partner’s services.
  • The Meadview News and the Meadview phone book do not list the gardening club with the other Meadview organizations.

Attorney Basinger whines in his letter because I call them “morons” and “vile.”  What do YOU call people like that, Mr. Basinger?

So I stand by my words, I understand that Meadview residents are AFRAID and I will continue to advise signors of the petition to dissolve the MCA to remain anonymous.

Not only will anyone “against the MCA” be subjected to false accusations and harassment, but your friends and associates may be targeted too!

If you have a BUSINESS, you obviously cannot possibly be against the MCA as your ads in the Meadview News will be refused.

What’s the deal with Pinkey Elliot?

From attorney Basinger’s letter:

You have also made personal attacks and derogatory remarks against others, including Pinkey, in relation not only her unpaid services to the MCA but also as to her job at the Meadview library.

Mr. Basinger needs to be a lot more specific!

While I don’t know what he’s talking about, I can definitely state that I have never gotten a book from the Meadview library because Pinkey’s reputation proceeds her.

To be specific, she has been described as rude by many residents and my personal interactions with Pinkey confirmed this assessment. I think I went to the library exactly once and never went back.

Much of the rest of attorney Basinger’s letter is a lot of legalese bla bla bla and BS which I’ll elaborate on in the future.  During the meeting, he praised the board members on several occasions and it looks to me like he’ll milk the MCA for all it’s worth.  It’s unlikely that the $10 proposed dues increase will cover his fees if they dare to sue me.

I am NOT qualified to run for MCA board.

I will post the excerpt of attorney Basinger’s speech on that subject after I transferred the video.  Essentially, if you disagree with the current MCA policies and procedures (such as only allowing the Meadview Quail, Bingo and COM access by NON MEMBERS), you are disqualified.


There is NO hope for positive changes at the MCA and DISSOLUTION is the way to go.

I have recently been approached by several members who consider suing the MCA.  While *** I *** have a very promising case against the MCA due to the harassment and countless violations of my rights, most members would have a tough time prevailing in court. So I don’t think that’s the way to go.

Today we had about 60 members attending the meeting and at the last elections, the new board members were elected with fewer than 90 votes!

It is up to the thousands of ABSENTEE members to vote to dissolve the MCA.

We know which properties are MCA from the deed restrictions (public records).  The labor-intensive part is contacting these members as we have to go online to get the members’ addresses from the tax records for each MCA lot.  It’ll take about $2,000 for postage and mailing supplies to mail the petition to dissolve to each member.  However, since we need only 450 votes to call the special meeting, we might be able to get those with a lot fewer mailings and we could just send out 500 petitions at a time.

Additionally, we’ll have many weekenders coming back in spring and with some help from supportive residents (note, I didn’t say members, as ANYONE can tell their neighbors about the petition), we should be able to get quite a few votes.

If you’re interested in donating time or dollars to the cause, please contact me.

Of course you will remain anonymous.