PHOENIX — Homeowner associations in Arizona will now have a more difficult time regulating residents attempting to organize against the HOA after lawmakers have successfully passed a new set of guidelines.

House Bill 2158 intends to protect the rights of residents who choose to speak out against their HOA managers by barring associations from controlling certain forms of expression and activism.

Gov. Doug Ducey signed the bill into law this week after it passed through the Arizona Legislature.

Supporters of the bill told legislators that “oppressive” HOAs have gotten out of control with how they attempt to silence critics who may attempt to voice objections during community meetings.

“They cut us off when they don’t like what we’re saying,” one Arizona resident said during a Senate committee meeting last month.

State Rep. John Kavanaugh, R-Scottsdale, said the law is intended to rein in a small minority of HOAs that have implemented “unreasonable” rules.

“We have to move in and prevent them from stepping on people’s rights,” Kavanaugh said.  …

Not a day too soon 🙂

Although the existing law never allowed for suspending member privileges and voting rights.

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