I decided to request that the MCA reactivate my access card as it’s been years since I had to deal with this, but their demand for dues and late fees got my attention.  Here’s my email to mca@citlink.net:

Subject: Request to MCA Board to vote to reactivate my access card

To all MCA Board Members:

You keep sending me invoices and you’re charging late fees for MCA dues.  Did you forget that you deactivated my access card while I was a member in good standing?

For your reference, the MCA letter advising that my access was terminated is posted at

New board same as the old board, MCA shut off my access card

I hereby request that you reactivate my access card so that I can attend the MCA board meetings and continue my reporting on MCA activities.

I’ll appreciate your response by email.


Christine Baker
c: posted at HighDesertDirt.com

We’ll see what the new board has to say.