Mon 8/31 5:30 – 7:30 pm at the Dolan Springs Community Council.

This is a one-on-one event.

Ask your questions in a private setting.
Find out what the candidates want for your community.

Voice your thoughts and see who you want to vote for

WHY would I want to meet my candidates in a “one-on-one” setting?

So I can be lied to?
To get the creeps or C-19?

In 2016, Butch Merriweather organized the candidate forum with the ALL Republican candidates in Golden Valley.

The forum was just a month after the two mega-storms on 6/30 and 7/1/16 that caused so much damage and destroyed the road at Sandy Point and Sandview in Meadview.  It took four (4) years to clear the desert for about 1 mile of dirt road.

The hall was packed and people were mostly concerned with the county’s HORRIBLE response to the storms. Very much like Trump’s C-19 response. There seem to be no emergency plans in Mohave County for natural or any other disasters.  County officials even lied to the media about the extent of the damages instead of declaring a state of emergency and getting into high gear to fix the roads.

But despite the obsession with the roads, it was fantastic to see and hear each candidate answer questions from the public, along with their introductions, their philosophy and ideas for the county.

I’ve seen not seen anything about forums and debates this year.

I searched the Miner, even sent them a long message a couple of days ago, inquiring about the lack of discussion of the countless problems our BOS ought to address:

  • Our WATER is being exported and polluted by venture capitalists.
  • NO recycling and repurposing of any kind.  I have boxes full of batteries and all sorts of household chemicals with no place to dump them other than at the county landfill.  I will be posting video of the disgusting health hazards you’re exposed to while dumping.  I am so sad for the many birds that get sick and die from the poisons they eat at this open landfill. Salvaging is prohibited.  Our groundwater and the air are poisoned.
  • Addiction, alcoholism and mental health issues are ignored and I cannot find any treatment options in Mohave County.
  • Alzheimer’s and dementia are rampant. There is no treatment and most important, PREVENTION in Mohave County.
  • Sheriff Schuster refuses to investigate reports of the location of stolen property unless the “victim” reports the location.
  • Crime statistics are NOT provided to the public and rabid Neighborhood Watch wannabe cops harass and defame anyone they don’t like.
  • Mohave County has many immigrant hating racists, even in government positions.  Rick Armstrong’s militia and many threats of murder kept hundreds if not thousands of BLM protesters from attending the Kingman BLM protests in June.  According to the Miner, only about 40 protesters showed up.   We lost our 1st Amendment right.  The Kingman Police Department PUBLICLY supports these thugs “100%” — just like in Kenosha.  We didn’t want to be murdered by deranged Trump lovers like Kyle Rittenhouse in Kenosha by our immigrant hating racists Terry Laufer, Dave Riem and Dusty Sexton.  Their weapons must be confiscated, their brains should be imaged to diagnose the cause of their derangement and I sure wish we had mental health services in Mohave County.
  • Unisource is not providing sufficient power to Meadview and recently both LMC Water Co-op wells down because there is not enough power to run the wells.  The residents’ lives and livelihoods at risk. Jean Bishop could not possibly care less and thinks it’s NOT her job to ensure that we have the infrastructure to survive in our extreme climate.
  • Our fire department is barely functioning, continually and willfully ignoring laws, with only minimal services in Meadview. The ambulance might eventually arrive.  In an hour or in a few hours — or not.  Jean Bishop could not care less.
  • The BOS is obsessed with uranium mining and industry instead of preserving this most BEAUTIFUL county and attracting retirees who spend their retirement income here and most importantly, often bring hundreds of thousands PER PERSON to Mohave County when they receive medical treatment here.
  • Medical services are rather poor, with almost no holistic / functional care available.
  • KRMC stuffs traumatized injured seniors into cabs in the middle of the night, even when they know they live alone. Nobody cares whether they can afford the cab fare or not.  Residents have REFUSED medical transports because they are so poor and we have no social services to assist.
  • No Trader Joes, no Sprouts, no source of organic and GMO-free foods other than what’s at the supermarkets.
  • No county-sponsored local organic food production.  The Nevada state nursery utilizes prison labor — great for the nursery and fantastic for the prisoners who learn real skills.
  • Our residents are continually cleaning up the desert at THEIR expense.  That’s the County’s job!  And again, a great way to get people out of jail and also for people to do court-imposed community service.

Those are some of the many issues I’d l like to see discussed. Not just at election time, but continually.

You can watch Jean Bishop and militia leader Rick Armstrong at the 2016 candidate forum in Golden Valley:

Video: 8/1/16 District 4 Supervisor Candidates Introductions

The full video:

Video of the 8/1/16 Mohave County District 4 Supervisor forum in Golden Valley

And here is Jean Bishop at the property tax town hall at the DSCC in Dolan Springs:

Video: Supervisor Jean Bishop town hall meeting re property tax increase

You can see how she twists the facts and tries to mislead the residents with her lies about the taxes not really going up because assessments were going down.  Bishop at her worst. Or should I say at her best?  Lies and deception.

In 2020, we have NO discussion, no debate, NOTHING.

I have NO idea who Bishop’s primary opponent was. The Miner had submitted a few questions to them and her opponent didn’t even answer some of them. No debate, nothing. So super lame I don’t even remember his name.

Our MYSTERY candidates at the DSCC.

Is not naming the candidates the DSCC’s way of making sure NOBODY knows that Jack Ehrhardt is running as Democrat against Jean Bishop?

The invisible candidate, Coma Jack.

On 8/7//20 J’aime Morgaine posted a campaign video for Jack Ehrhardt at the Indivisible Mohave County page.

She ignored my requests for Ehrhardt’s platform or any other info.

And here is the campaign video on YouTube:

Incredibly, Coma Jack has no website, FB, mission statement … absolutely NOTHING

How is that any indication of a BETTER supervisor?

It’s a giant shitshow.   Jack Ehrhardt got sabotaged by his own party.

Despite the fact that Bishop blocks me on Facebook, refuses to protect and serve our residents and even urges FB group owners to kick me out of their groups — at least I know she is alive.  Can’t say that for Jack Ehrhardt.

I so would have enjoyed watching Jean Bishop and Jack Ehrhardt answer the residents’ questions next Monday at the DSCC.  In front of a microphone and my camera — at least 10 ft away from me.

Does anyone see mention of masks on this flier?

Sorry, the flier was sent in Word format and that is what it looked like.

I was excited about driving 60 miles to finally get some info about Jack Ehrhardt and get some PUBLIC ANSWERS from Jean Bishop about the dire power / water situation in Meadview and her refusal to do her job:

Enact a building moratorium until we have sufficient power to support THOUSANDS of people escaping California and other places where fires and C-19 have been raging.  It’s Bishop’s job to kick ass to get Unisource to install generators at the wells and provide compensation to the LMC Water Co-op and the residents like me who wasted hours driving from well to well and not bringing a drop of water home.  I also lost a $2000+ booking due to the constant power outages.  The STRESS.

Why should I risk getting the coronavirus at the DSCC and then spreading it to the old people in Meadview?

While we have few Black people in this extremely racist county and especially not in Meadview and Dolan, most of our population is at high risk of dying from Covid-19 as so many residents are OLD and/or SICK.  Politicians are EXTREMELY likely to get infected:

Employees of Cain said they do not know where he contracted the coronavirus. He attended President Trump’s indoor rally in Tulsa, Okla., in late June and was photographed in the arena without a mask.

How inconsiderate of the DSCC.

Anything to discourage eligible voters from actually voting?