My open Letter to District 4 Supervisor Jean Bishop regarding roads

In response to my request for comments regarding my post Who filled the potholes on Rose? LMC and Unit 7 road update I had several emails with District 4 Supervisor Jean Bishop.  This open letter is my most recent response and summarizes the issues.


Ms. Bishop,

What do you mean I “claim” ownership?

As District 4 supervisor, are you NOT aware that EVERYBODY in LMC and Unit 7 owns their roads?

This bizarre and life threatening road situation affects many property owners outside Kingman city limits in YOUR District 4. Probably all those 1+ acre lots in the Dolan Springs and Meadview subdivisions are set up with the roads included in the private property.

Since it appears that you do not understand the issues, I’ll summarize the situation for you:

  • Many homeowners in your District 4 OWN the roads.
  • The COUNTY approved these subdivisions.
  • The COUNTY refuses to maintain the roads.
  • The COUNTY refuses to CLEAR the “county maintained” roads such as Charles immediately after destructive flash floods, endangering the residents’ lives as emergency vehicles can’t get to their houses and even trucks can’t get OUT to Pierce Ferry.

You stated that “the owner of the road, in this case – you would be legally liable” if someone gets hurt on “my” road.

I asked “since I can get SUED, can I put up a gate and close the road?”

You responded stating “since you claim ownership of the road in question, I would strongly suggest you contact an attorney for legal advice.”

Ms. Bishop, I’m not going to pay for legal advice unless I sue the County and/or you.

I have purchased several properties in District 4 and it was never disclosed to me that I could get SUED if someone got hurt on “my” road, which we are NOT legally allowed to block off as the public has an easement to use our roads.

Nor did anyone disclose that we are risking our lives living here because emergency vehicles may not be able to assist with life threatening emergencies for several days after storms.

This is a material omission and all real estate agents need to DISCLOSE the road dangers and liabilities to potential buyers.

Will you help raise awareness?

  • Will you assist me with getting the word out, such as with a COUNTY press release advising all real estate agents that they MUST disclose to potential buyers that they will risk their lives and livelihood when they purchase property here?
  • Can you provide guidance to property owners, such as what kind of maintenance they should perform and how often to avoid getting a giant judgment against them because someone got hurt or killed on their road?
  • Don’t you agree that ALL absentee owners should be notified by the County to ensure that the owners hire people to make the roads safe?  These absentee owners can not possibly know about their obligations and the risks involved with owning land here.

There are so many roads that are NOT passable (even with 4WD), not to mention all the roads that are barely passable.

It is so important that you finally get a grip on the issues the residents in your district are struggling with.

Mr. Bishop, it’s been a year since the catastrophic storms last summer and you have done nothing for us. I’m going to send out press releases, letters to editors, lawyers, etc. to inform the public and especially people considering moving to one of the planet’s most beautiful deserts — MOHAVE COUNTY. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the most corrupt and mismanaged counties and ill served by overpaid “DO NOTHING” elected officials like you.

Please FINALLY start doing your job and work for the District 4 residents.

Prepare a plan to fix this life threatening road situation and keep me informed so that my publications accurately reflect your positions and activities.

I just searched the web for any kind of online information about your opinions, priorities, goals and possibly even accomplishments, but I found NOTHING but a link to Facebook — where you had the audacity to block me.

It might be in your interest to unblock me on Facebook if you’re not the “DO NOTHING” supervisor you’re known as around here.   Did you discuss with your attorney the legality of blocking residents in your district on Facebook?

I recommend that you search the web for “legality elected official blocking on social media” and found numerous very relevant and interesting articles.  Here’s one:

Interesting report from Miami on an effort to stop a Florida politician from blocking critics from his Facebook page. It includes this:

Courts have repeatedly ruled that elected officials who discuss public matters on social media accounts are not allowed to block people or delete posts they don’t like, because those pages are used to disseminate public information. Courts have also ruled that politicians’ social accounts become public records once they use those pages to discuss official business.

Thank you,

Christine Baker

Sad fact:

While they won’t even give us a few loads of DIRT, the County actually paved roads in Meadview last year — excellent dirt roads used by maybe 5 cars/day.  The ultimate insult!

Who filled the potholes on Rose? LMC and Unit 7 road update

Updated 6/25/17 with word on the street on the road destruction in Unit 7.


Who filled the potholes on Rose at Smoke Tree?

I’ve done some road work with my crew, but this is the first time EVER that I have seen the potholes FILLED as they should be by someone else.  Not that I know who works on every road, but this really was an amazing sight!

potholes on Rose
Properly filled rock holes, although the entire road could use more dirt.

One reason our dirt roads are so AWFUL is that the potholes aren’t filled when they attempt to improve them with graders or backhoes.   I say “attempt” because there’ve been times when people made it worse, it takes more than good intentions to run heavy equipment.

These are actually not potholes, but ROCK HOLES, from the blade ripping the rocks out. Then they push the rocks off the road and we have giant holes.

As we drive through those holes, we create MORE erosion, lose more dirt to wind, expose more rocks, and the cycle restarts when they “fix” the road again.

Anyway, a friend who lives there said he’d like to contribute a few bucks to the person(s) who did this work. Somebody must have used a shovel to get what little dirt there is from the ditch — hard work!

The residents who volunteer their equipment and time (for a little gas money, if they’re lucky) can’t be expected to pay for dirt for fill and Jean Bishop ought to come out and bring her shovel!

Cary Schweitzer asked Jean Bishop and the county people last August for some DIRT at the big meeting at Canyon’s End (video and discussion of the meeting). It’s been almost a year, I haven’t seen any dirt anywhere and the roads are awful.

To the County, we’re not even worthy of dirt.

Charles is SO bad, someone took the street sign out the other day.

When you’re turning onto Charles from Pierce Ferry coming from Kingman, you have to seriously slow down because the washboard is so awful, you slide around like on ice.  And the giant holes and rocks as you drive off the pavement destroy the vehicles.

The County keeps marking Pierce Ferry, but they never do the work.

Apparently the County wants to make sure that anyone interested in purchasing one of the MANY abandoned properties off Charles knows right away not to move here.  Good job creating more blight and lowering property values — less tax for the County!  Aren’t they SO clever?

Several weeks ago heavy equipment went down MY road even though I’m not on a County maintained road and I specifically requested that the County stay AWAY from my road.   Did they retaliate because of my complaints? In 11 years they’ve never come down here.

After last summer’s storms I had spent many hours moving boulders and filling holes so I had the “perfect” road (just wide enough for my dually)  in front of my property.  I think the County guy made ONE pass and he TORE UP my road.   I have holes a foot deep.  There were boulders so huge I could hardly move them off the road.

Updated 6/25/17:  Word on the street is that Bob Lehman tore up our roads.  I heard that he? went down Rose and people there are upset too and hate those holes.  Bob, if that’s true, please don’t do that again, we’re all old and stumbling around as it is — don’t need no broken bones or hips or being sued by people who get hurt! 🙂

When people park on MY road (I own it) and an old lady falls into one of those holes, who is liable?

Do they sue the County or me?

URL emailed to District 4 supervisor Jean Bishop for answers.

It’s time to separate Meadview from the Dolan Springs LMRFD fire district

Last Monday was another gruesome fire board meeting.   It was scheduled for 1:30 pm, but it didn’t start till around 2 pm (when Steve Berg showed up with a box with papers from the chief) because the chief was assisting broken down tourists with a couple little kids and he let them sit in his vehicle so they wouldn’t heat stroke.

Of course “somebody” ought to be assisting tourists, but WHY the LMRFD chief while he’s supposed to be at the board meeting with an ATTORNEY who charges for EVERY SINGLE MINUTE???

Couldn’t a deputy have taken care of the tourists?  What would have happened if ANOTHER car had broken down?

This goes to show why LMRFD needs to stop having such ridiculous volunteer requirements just about nobody can pass.  They just got the very first volunteer and I have not heard of any other volunteers in the pipeline.

The chief showed up hours later while the board was in its second executive session.  I wasted my entire afternoon.  Even Ellen left and I gave up when my computer ran out of power.

  • The LMRFD has nothing but DISRESPECT and CONTEMPT for the public.
  • The LMRFD board does NOT want anyone attending the board meetings (no mailing list).
  • My offer to assist with fixing their website so the public can subscribe to announcements such as for board meetings was rejected, see my January posting:

The 1/19/17 LMRFD fire board meeting and the sorry state of the fire district

There’s not one person on the board with the SLIGHTEST clue about accounting and internet.  They called the accountant during the meeting on Monday to inquire about the funds for the administrative assistant position.  They left a voice mail, the guy called back, had to do a bunch of research ….  all that while the attorney was sitting there bored, billing for every single minute.

I honestly have no idea why these people ran for office.  They act like a bunch of middle school kids practicing board meetings and I’ve seen 12-year old kids do better.

Of course you get what you pay for and they get paid NOTHING.

I’m sure there’s a reason for that idiotic state law prohibiting payment to fire board members, but unpaid board members are clearly NOT the way to go.  If I was on the board, I’d spend AT LEAST 20 hours a week researching how to get all Meadview properties into the district (most Meadview properties are NOT in the district and don’t pay.)

How is the board going to raise funds to finally staff Meadview?


You could think this was a liberal hot spot!  What’s going on here?

They seriously considered wasting thousands of dollars on a ballet measure to increase the already OUTRAGEOUS fire district tax.  You can read more about taxes at

I was getting to the point where I felt that LMRFD should be dissolved and then Meadview could form a new fire district with EVERYBODY in it.  I had given the board a chance, but after one year of not even trying and ignoring ALL my suggestions of raising additional funds without raising the already quite hefty LMRFD property tax it’s quite obvious that Meadview will NEVER have fire and medical emergency services again — not with THIS board.

Rather timely, Dolanite Jay Fleming asked on Facebook in the Dolan group on 6/19:
Has anyone had the LMRFD ambulance crew offer to put a very sick or injured person in the car so you could drive them to the hospital?

Unfortunately, that’s what Jay experienced and he wrote that he would file a formal complaint.  I already had written this post, but it was still unpublished because I was extremely angry after Monday’s meeting, wasting so much of what little time I have and realizing the extent of the board’s incompetence.

In Jay’s Facebook topic several people posted about LMRFD personnel trying to talk them out of transport to the hospital and other frequent riders praised their professionalism.  Good move too, they better praise the people who frequently save their lives.

Since board member Eric Terrill joined Jay’s Facebook discussion, I took the opportunity to ask some questions so I could decide how to proceed before finishing this post.

Kill off LMRFD or will the Dolan people stand with Meadview?

Due to a number of deplorable comments and absolutely NO interest in getting services to Meadview, I decided that we MUST separate Meadview from the Dolan LMRFD.  It’s been a tough decision, but it’s the ONLY chance we have for Meadview medical services.

We once had a wonderful fire district in Meadview.

Steve Berg (former Meadview fire chief and now chairman of the board) and Suzanne Newell (one of the top Meadview destroyers and former Meadview board member) bankrupted our Grape Vine Mesa Fire District!

Steve Berg is now doing all he can to keep Meadview free from pesky nuisances like a staffed fire house and functioning ambulance and emergency services.  Not one of the board members has done anything to get Meadview staffed.  Meadview residents have died because it can take hours for an ambulance to show up.  When you have a stroke or heart attack, SECONDS count.

The fire board members actually wondered WHY ambulance revenue is down. 

Don’t they realize that most Meadview residents would rather not die waiting for an ambulance?

I just don’t know what to say, it’s NOT the heat, it’s how they are all the time.

And just when you think it can’t get any worse, board member Eric Terrill tells me on Facebook that I need to join the fire district to be able to volunteer:

Eric Terrill on volunteers

To all who consider joining the fire district, DO NOT JOIN!

Just like with the MCA, you’ll never be able to get out unless the district is dissolved.   Rick Sherwood joined and he regrets it because he got nothing but a $323.44 fire district tax bill!   No fire fighters, no medical service.  NOTHING but a tax  bill that he’s likely stuck with forever — unless we get Meadview out of the district.  And since most home owners are retirees on a fixed income, they really don’t appreciate all these extra taxes for NOTHING.

LMRFD fire district tax explained

In the overwhelmingly REPUBLICAN Mohave County all they can think of is to RAISE TAXES!

Taxes, taxes, taxes, taxes …


In Jay’s Facebook topic he states that he’s going to file a complaint and several others also posted they were in favor of filing FORMAL complaints.  The ONLY reason I have NOT filed any complaints yet is because I really wanted to give the board a chance. 



Finally, my chance to ONCE AGAIN tell them how to raise or save money, for the UMPTEENTH time in the last couple of years:
Suggestion to raise revenue
Eric Terrill did NOT answer my question.  Some additional suggestions to raise or save money:

Suggestion to raise revenueAs of this writing, neither Eric Terrill nor anyone else from LMRFD responded.   Of course they know that everything I wrote is true, so they have nothing to say.

Now that I decided to start the process to separate Meadview from Dolan’s LMRFD, I invite all to assist with making it as painless as possible for Dolan.

I have friends in Dolan, but living near Meadview, I cannot possibly allow LMRFD to continue to let my friends and neighbors die.

I will be posting agendas, minutes, video of board meetings as well as my forthcoming complaints, correspondence, legal research, etc. at a new forum.

This is a massive effort and I will be asking legislators to review the issues and assist with solutions as well as changes in the law.   It’s nothing but BIZARRE that board members who SHOULD be working to raise funds to get the Meadview station staffed at least 20 hours/week to work for NOTHING. And I suppose that’s why they’re not doing a thing other than attend board meetings.

This fire board VOTED on budgets without having had the opportunity to actually STUDY the financials.  That’s INSANE! They all sit there looking at several pages they JUST received prior to the start of the meeting.  If I was on the board, the accountant Gabe would have received notice that either the board has all docs to be voted on prior to the meeting or there is a substantial FINE.  That’s how it works in the real world.

In closing, I already knew that I could expect nothing from Steve Berg, didn’t know much about the others,  but I am so disappointed by Debbie.  I don’t remember her contributing anything.  I had high expectations after talking to her prior to the election. What happened, Debbie?

The Sacred Plant: Healing Secrets Exposed — free documentary

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Well #3 at Sandy Point and Green Tree is closed

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