Video of the 8/1/16 Mohave County District 4 Supervisor forum in Golden Valley

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The turnout was great and Butch Meriwether did a fantastic job organizing and moderating the forum — thank you Butch!  

He also has a website with his commentaries, opinions and analysis of many local issues.  Butch is one of the few people in this county capable of rational thinking and concise writing.

It is hard to hear the questions that were asked because the cooling system was so noisy and the audience didn’t have a microphone, but most answers make it obvious what the questions were.

Unfortunately, the audience was OBSESSED with the roads.

And I can’t blame them, but I think it would have helped to have the audience submit their questions in writing prior to the forum, sort them by subject and then have Butch read the questions (with the mic).  We would d have had a lot more time for issues other than roads.  And we would have had time for FOLLOWUP questions.

I found the forum VERY informative and all three unedited videos are now posted below.

I hope to SOON get to posting excerpts from the forum so you can hear the candidates’ views on specific issues to make it easier to decide who to vote for.

Video 1:

Video 2:

Video 3:

It was great to hear a CHALLENGE to Jean Bishop’s claim that the GV Fire District will go broke if the state takes over the prison.  According to a person in the audience, the prison never paid ANY tax for the fire district because it’s not in it. These are issues we need to examine!

Update 8/4/16: Apparently the prison is not in the fire district, but had a contract with the fire district and the state will likely contract with the fire district too.  Another NON crisis resolved.

Greentree “ended” at the wash between Peach and Apple

Yesterday, Wednesday, I was driving to Meadview on Greentree and I’m sure glad it wasn’t really early in morning, evening with the sun blinding me or at night and that I was going slow:


I almost didn’t make it back up!  2 wheel drive, empty bed, my wheels were spinning.

In a little car, you might not see that the road ends until it’s too late to stop before you drop into the wash.  One more reason to drive a truck around here.


I only got just under a 1/2 inch of rain on Monday night and the wash at my place wasn’t running at all — I walked around when the rain slowed down.
Obviously, it rained a lot more a mile west of my place.




I went back to Sandy Point and then took Glenn.  Here I had to make sure that I was going fast enough to not get stuck in the sand AGAIN.

Glenn and Tamarisk, not bad at all:

On my way home in the afternoon I took Charles and the County was working on it.  Don’t know how bad it was before they fixed it.

Has Greentree been fixed yet?

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8/18/16 Meadview meeting: how to get the dirt roads fixed

Obviously it would not be helpful to have the County take over Greentree and fix it twice a year.  One of our locals just did a great job after the big storms and it was in great condition.   It is strange to see the washes getting wider with every storm.

Imagine someone having a medical emergency and going 40 mph on Greentree before it got fixed!

10:15 PM: FINALLY rain again

For days we’ve been surrounded by storms and all we got was WIND and a few drops of rain a few times.

Screenshot of the radar at 10:15 PM:


We got almost 1/4 inch of rain in the 10 minutes since then in east Unit 7.

I’d like about a 1/2 inch of rain tonight with NO hail and another 1/2 inch in a couple of days.

UPDATE an hour later:  Got not quite half an inch and it was way plenty, the water was just running off.  No hail — it’s still drizzling a little and it’s all good.
It got COLD.  I was freezing when I went for a walk around the property and it was 59 degrees when I came back in.  It’s 61 F right now.  Nice!

We might get more thunderstroms till 3 AM.

8/18/16 Meadview meeting: how to get the dirt roads fixed

Here’s the video of the meeting with County officials at Canyon’s End last Thursday: While this meeting took place in Meadview, you can use the information provided by the County to get YOUR roads into the County Maintenance Program. They discuss the mobile at Pear & Charles, graded by DMC Construction in 2006.  Ever sinceContinue Reading

LMRFD meeting Monday at Meadview MCA

Last time I went to the fire board meeting in Meadview someone stole my hat! So be aware and watch your stuff. Also, my hat got stolen was because they LOCKED the entrance door and I couldn’t get back in after I got something from my truck. The fire board meetings MUST be open toContinue ReadingContinue Reading

8/8/16 Video of Sheriff Candidates Forum — Mohave County 2016 election

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What’s with this obsession to NOT increase taxes?

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8/1/16 candidate forum in Golden Valley

I plan to attend this forum tomorrow evening, just looked up the address and it’s by Verde in GV. Remember that the PRIMARY determines who will be our next supervisor in District 4. There is supposed to be another forum in Dolan Springs, a little closer to home.  I’ll post more info here once IContinue Reading

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