Joseph Edward Thomas arrested for attempted murder in Meadview

UPDATED 1/16/17 with the word on the street.

1/13/17 press release from the Mohave County Sheriff’s office:

MEADVIEW – Mohave County Sheriff’s detectives are seeking information on a possible drive by shooting Thursday night.

According to Sheriff’s spokeswoman Trish Carter, deputies arrested Joseph Edward Thomas Jr., 67, of Meadview Friday morning for attempted first-degree murder, discharging a weapon into an occupied structure and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, felonies.

Approximately 8:30 p.m. Thursday, dispatchers received a call from a woman saying someone had fired a gun multiple times from the road and struck her 70 year-old husband. Detectives responded to a home in the 30000 block of Sandy Point Drive and talked to a victim who had suffered gunshot wounds to the torso. An ambulance responded and he was taken to Kingman Regional Medical Center.

According to the deputies’ report, the victim’s wife told detectives that her husband had been involved in an altercation with Thomas at the VFW earlier in the day. Detectives then went to a home on Boathouse Drive to talk with Thomas. They searched him and his vehicle and evidence of his involvement was allegedly located.

Thomas was taken into custody without incident. Prior to being taken to the Mohave County jail, he complained of chest pains [and] was taken to KRMC.

The incident remains under investigation. Anyone with information is asked to contact Mohave County Sheriff’s Office at 928-753-0753 or Silent Witness at 928-753-1234.

Drive-by shootings in Meadview …
Update:  So I heard that Thomas hadn’t paid his VFW dues and he was told that he could get only one drink.   He ordered a 2nd drink, they declined to serve him and he was escorted out.  Another person told me that he was harassing other VFW members, wanting to check whether they had paid their dues before he was 86d.

Apparently he was very angry and got his AK 47.  After the shooting he was supposedly sitting in front of his house, still holding the gun, when he was arrested.

I have no idea whether any of this is true, it’s just the word on the street.
The shooting victim was supposed to get home last Saturday, still with two bullets in his body.

Please help the RUFFF rescues!

As most of you probably know, the Golden Valley RUFFF shelter has been shut down and I think 180 pets needed a new home.   While many have been adopted, here are some of the less fortunate pets (as of yesterday):

RUFFF Rescues looking for FOREVER home
RUFFF Rescues looking for FOREVER home

You may not be able to adopt a dog, but how about a few bucks or a bag of dog food for the Humane Society?

For more info, check the Miner:

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