Meadview Unit 7 map with road conditions

The other day I tried to visit someone in Lake Mead City and after 20+ minutes of trying to get to Lucky & Tamarisk from Apple I gave up.  At one point I tried all 3 roads at an intersection, but ended up going back to where I came from.  Crazy …  I have a truck, but 2WD and I would have gotten stuck for sure.  In some places I saw the tracks of others who got stuck.

So I decided to mark the really bad roads in Unit 7 and I’d like to do a map for Lake Mead City too, but I can’t remember all the roads that sucked so bad.

Meadview Unit 7 road conditions map
Meadview Unit 7 – Click for larger image

The GREEN GOOD ROADS are “relatively” good.  You still may have to slow down occasionally.   Charles gets pretty bad towards the end and I haven’t been on Cholla in years.   The unmarked roads are “ok” — no major washouts — as far as I know.  I just really hate the sand.  You can’t tell how deep it is and I never want to have to shovel for an hour to get my truck out of the sand again.

Obviously this map is only good until it rains again! 

Please let me know if I missed any major problem areas and if you can help me out with a map for LMC.


I just found this picture taken on 6/26/07.   I had stopped to take pictures of this idiot’s work at Charles & Pear when he drove up and asked me what I was doing — as if it wasn’t obvious.   He cleared and graded where we now have an abandoned mobile home (because it flooded repeatedly) and Charles gets washed out after every major rain.

DMC Construction — laughing all the way to the bank


Residents were very upset but could not stop him.

DMC Construction should have to fix Charles after every rain.

My request to the MCA to reactivate my access card

I decided to request that the MCA reactivate my access card as it’s been years since I had to deal with this, but their demand for dues and late fees got my attention.  Here’s my email to Subject: Request to MCA Board to vote to reactivate my access card To all MCA Board Members:Continue Reading

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Swimming in the Colorado at Pierce Ferry

We had SO much fun yesterday!   It was the perfect late afternoon to head to the Colorado for some swimming and just clowning around.    Here’s a short video: Even I swam, although only for a few seconds after I accidentally walked off the sandbank into deep water.   I saved my beer! It wasn’t too hot,Continue Reading

Greentree “ended” at the wash between Peach and Apple

UPDATE 8/29/16:  It was “fixed” when I checked last Saturday, I suppose by one of our locals, not the County.  Dirt was moved to where it had washed out.  Of course that dirt will be gone next time the wash runs.   If we get a few more major floods the road will be too steepContinue Reading