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Video: Chicken McNuggets contain strange fibers

I’m guessing it’s been 30 years since I’ve eaten at McDonald’s and I sure am glad for it! LMCA is currently having a fundraiser for a microscope because we’re growing organic with state of the art aerated compost tea (multiplying the beneficial microbes in compost) and we want to see what’s in our brew. AContinue Reading

Boost your immune system with fermented veggies

Dr. Mercola describes the importance of you keeping the digestive tract in top shape: … Your stomach generally becomes less acidic as you age, particularly after age 70. In his study, Orla-Jensen compared the gut bacteria of young people with that of healthy seniors, as well as with seniors suffering from dementia. He found thatContinue Reading

Chinese polluted “fake” honey in supermarkets

According to Seventy-five percent of honey bought at the supermarket isn’t real honey much of the supermarket honey has all pollen filtered out to conceal the identity of the honey and that’s likely due to the Chinese origin of the honey. Richard Adee, who produces 7 million pounds of honey each year from multiple states,Continue Reading

Why NOT to get flu shots

I’ve never taken a flu shot and I never will.   It’s a giant ruse, nothing but a way for pharmaceuticals to make BILLIONS. Dr. Mercola’s detailed description of the INEFFECTIVENESS and DANGERS of flu shots: First Genetically Engineered Flu Vaccine Now on the Market Some excellent advice from the article: How to Protect Yourself DuringContinue ReadingContinue Reading

Does Meadview have Chloramine in the water?

I just read Dr. Mercola’s article Some Residents Worry about Chloramine’s Usage and Safety. We haul our water from the co-op wells and I think we only have chlorine in the water after well repairs. We don’t want ANYTHING in our water, not for drinking and not in the gardens.  What is in the MeadviewContinue Reading

Solar cooking on this warm and sunny Sunday

It couldn’t have been any nicer today: No wind and no chem trails, not too hot — one of those perfect days. And our farm stand is beginning to take shape. Yesterday we cooked the first half of a delicious Kabocha squash with carrots and onions and today we improved on it with a bunchContinue ReadingContinue Reading

Enjoy your coffee — it’s GOOD for you!

I haven’t drank coffee since Louie left town, but I’m going to start drinking mocha again. According to Dr. Mercola: Coffee exerts a protective effect against type 2 diabetis and reduces blood glucose levels. Coffee may significantly cut your risk of Parkinson’s disease and protect against Alzheimer’s disease. Coffee may decrease the risk of prostate,Continue Reading

Dr. Mercola: buy your freerange eggs LOCALLY and don’t overcook them

Some of Mohave county’s happiest chickens: Our friend Anna in Golden Valley has not been able to keep the chickens out of her fenced veggie garden and they promptly ate the perpetual spinach plant we recently brought her.  We don’t know whether Anna likes the “spinach” (I think it’s really a chard), but the chickensContinue Reading

FREE Food Revolution Virtual Summit

Join the first-ever FREE Food Revolution Virtual Summit. From April 28-May 6 you’ll have free access to 21 inspiring, practical, and life-changing interviews. You will be able to participate live via conference call or the computer.           Jeffrey Smith and other experts will offer answers to these questions: Is there aContinue Reading